Energex Customers Have Spoken…

2019-09-04T09:56:04+10:00September 6th, 2019|

You probably don’t have the energy, or inclination, to read all the detail of Energex’s proposed new tariff structure. After all, they’ve used a very detailed methodology for determining network tariff structures and indicative rates over the period to 2025. But if you do, the full Tariff Structure Statement (TSS) 2020-25 can be found

The Best Way To Safeguard The Energy Future Of Your Business

2019-09-04T08:54:46+10:00August 30th, 2019|

Are your business profits being consumed by your electricity bills? Do you need a more cost-effective energy solution? We can help. As Brisbane’s commercial solar experts, we’re helping local businesses reduce their power bills and achieve energy independence. But with so many energy solutions to choose from, why should you partner with us? Here

Talk the Tariff Talk: An introduction to Energex’s new tariff structure

2019-09-04T08:53:33+10:00August 23rd, 2019|

In light of Energex’s recently updated Tariff Structure Statement 2020-25 (June 2019) [An Overview is available here] that we have been patiently awaiting for some time, we thought we’d be the first to offer you some expert guidance in understanding the ins and outs of the new tariff options available for your residence or

SA’s Sensational New Solar River Project

2019-09-04T08:52:42+10:00August 16th, 2019|

We love hearing about big, ambitious and bankable solar projects! Recent news is that an industry partner we trust, Alinta Energy, has committed to backing smart, high-quality renewables projects, such as the just-announced $480 million Solar River Project in South Australia. We were particularly excited to learn that this new solar project will include

Behind the Scenes with Energy Partners: How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

2019-09-04T08:51:47+10:00August 9th, 2019|

You’ve seen them on your neighbours’ roofs, maybe in varying numbers and configurations, and you might be keen to know what your roof would look like with solar atop. Well, we’d love to help you become the envy of your residential and commercial neighbours, especially the non-solar ones (!) by designing and installing a

While Australia’s solar industry is booming, a future waste problem is looming

2019-08-06T11:40:07+10:00August 2nd, 2019|

Without a doubt, it’s fantastic that there are now 2 million Australian homes with solar rooftops. It’s a real revolution in how we power our lives. However, what isn’t so fantastic is this could mean a potential 1500 kilotons of solar PV waste accumulating by 2050, when current solar panels are due to end their 15-/20-/25-year lifetimes.   Where they will go is an important question that needs

Ought you have an energy audit? (Answer: yes)

2019-08-06T11:24:04+10:00July 19th, 2019|

If you’re a business facing continually rising electricity costs, it might be time to make some big changes – you could be paying much more than you need to. There are better ways of managing your energy needs and we’re here to show you how. We specialise in transforming the energy delivery of commercial

Some States Powering Towards Renewable Targets – QLD and NSW Lag Behind

2019-08-06T11:15:59+10:00July 12th, 2019|

According to research by Green Energy Markets (GEM), Queensland and NSW are lagging behind other states in the pursuit of renewable energy targets. Meanwhile, Tasmania is already effectively 100% renewable, and Victoria is on its way to meeting its 2025 target of 40% of power generation coming from renewables. SA is more than 50%

Five Reasons SolarEdge has The Edge

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Homeowners, would you like to start saving on your electricity bills and be ready now for a smarter solar future? We can design and install a SolarEdge smart system for you that brings high-performance smart energy solutions to your home. A world leader in smart energy, SolarEdge systems integrate power-optimised solar panels with advanced