Going Solar is a BIG investment.

Here’s why we choose SolarEdge.


With the cost of electricity rising, being able to produce your own electricity and store it for your own use is quickly becoming a popular solution to review. You’ve probably already worked out that solar can be a pretty costly upfront investment and the different sizes and options offered by installers can become very confusing to review. With many types of components that included in a PV system, such as solar panels and PV inverters, so it’s important to pick the right one that fits your needs. Based on our experience with more than 2,130 kWp’s of installations, here’s our review and why we recommend SolarEdge:

Solar Monitoring

Advanced Monitoring

Enhanced Safety

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Why is a SolarEdge different?

All PV inverters are responsible for managing grid interaction and PV production. With traditional string inverters, PV production is managed at the string level. This means that the power production of all of the panels is determined by the weakest performing solar panel in that string. So, when one of your panels becomes damaged or dirty, either the performance of all the panels drops, or the lower-performing panels may stop producing all together until the issue is resolved. However, SolarEdge’s DC optimized inverter is different. On review, the SolarEdge solution moves the management to the panel by using power optimisers. These power optimisers are responsible for managing the power of each individual panel so that each reaches its own maximum potential regardless of the performance of the other panels.


Since each panel operates individually, the SolarEdge system offers more design flexibility in the system layout, making it possible for more roofs to have a PV system. For example, panels can be installed vertically AND horizontally, and on different sides of the roof. This allows for more panels on your roof, meaning more energy at a lower cost-per-watt in the long run.

Solar System Architecture
SolarEdge Inverter

Are they safe?

On review, SolarEdge’s SafeDC™ feature is one of the main reasons Energy Partners, along with many other PV installers around Australia and the world, love SolarEdge. They provide enhanced safety features embedded into their system at no additional cost! PV systems are safe, but panels are always producing DC voltage whenever there is sunlight, which can be dangerous in the event of a safety hazard, such as a fire. SolarEdge’s SafeDC™ feature is designed to keep your system safe during installation, maintenance, and emergencies, even when the sun is shining.

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After consulting with 8 companies over installing a PV panel system at our residence, Energy Partners were chosen to install the 16.2 kWa 3-phase system and I couldn’t be happier. Energy Partners were justifiably convincing in all requirements; capability in design to requirements, demonstrated experience in similar system installations, competitive pricing, reliability and promptness in installation and personalised service.

Jason actually designed the system and fitted the panels, unlike several other companies I dealt with where I found myself talking to a “PV consultant” (salesman) with little design experience and where mistakes and mis-information appeared the norm.

Peter, Home

Compared to the 4 other installers that I interviewed Jason was prepared to listen and design a system that met my requirements rather than provide a build based on a package deal. He provided plenty of options based on price and quality. Easy to deal with and trust worthy. Happy to answer questions and provide you with up to date honest information. I would recommend you won’t be disappointed.


Great company and people to deal with, very knowledgeable in all aspects of the solar/energy market and the installation was seamless and professional. Highly recommend.


Can I monitor my solar panels?

SolarEdge’s monitoring platform is another great tool for reviewing your system and allows both us and you to view panel-level production and receive alerts for fault detection. We can monitor data online and, if needed, remotely troubleshoot the problem and immediately order replacement parts without disturbing you with a site visit.

As a system owner, you can track your PV system’s energy production. The system is accessible either via your computer or smartphone app, so you can review your system’s production while on-the-go.

solar edge monitoring platform
solar monitoring app
solar monitoring app
solar warranty

How reliable are SolarEdge inverters and power optimizers?

SolarEdge offers some of the industries’ longest warranties for its products: 25 years for power optimizers, and 12-year warranties for the inverter, with the option to extend to 20 or 25 years. Given the low failure rate for power optimizers and inverters and the longer system warranty, it’s easy to see why so many installers and homeowners choose SolarEdge for this important and long-term investment.

Is a SolarEdge System future proof?

With all of the new smart home innovations coming out on the market today, wouldn’t you want something that enables you to extend the functionality of your PV system to support smart energy? Perhaps, in the future, you might want to add a storage battery for reduced electricity bills and backup, or other smart energy management tools to increase your energy independence. Whether it’s an energy meter, battery, EV charger, or water heater controller, SolarEdge gives you the freedom to add more components to your future system, whenever you are ready.

Hopefully this review gives you some insight as to why we recommend SolarEdge. There are many great reasons for choosing a SolarEdge PV system for your home or business. And for many of these same reasons SolarEdge is a global leader in PV inverters and smart energy solutions.

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