Are your business profits being consumed by your electricity bills?

Do you need a more cost-effective energy solution?

We can help. As Brisbane’s commercial solar experts, we’re helping local businesses reduce their power bills and achieve energy independence.

But with so many energy solutions to choose from, why should you partner with us? Here are three reasons why Energy Partners are the #1 choice to safeguard the energy future of your business.

#1: We know solar 

The in-house expertise at Energy Partners is second to none.

We’ve been in the solar energy game for 10 years, providing many businesses across South East Queensland with customised solar solutions that reduce costs and create additional revenue. Our success is derived from our specialist team of engineers, solar designers and our installers – they’re all passionate individuals that are committed to maximising the value of your solar investment.

#2: We don’t outsource installations

We take a hands-on approach to all our installations.

Unlike most of our competitors, who often hand-off the installation to third parties, we manage the entire installation process, from the initial consultation through to installation. This allows us to monitor quality and offer you real support every step of the way.

It’s this commitment to quality and support that makes us Brisbane’s best commercial solar provider.

#3: We use technology that is built to last 

At Energy Partners, we choose to install SolarEdge products for our clients. A world leader in smart energy, SolarEdge systems combine power-optimised solar panels with an advanced monitoring platform, allowing you to track the performance of your panels anytime from your mobile device.

SolarEdge products are field-proven and offer some of the longest warranties in the solar industry. Built to last for up to 25 years, SolarEdge inverters and power optimisers are paving the way for future solar technology.