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Commercial Energy Reduction

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Strategic management and optimisation of energy consumption needs to be addressed and acted-on now. In today’s market, companies and organisations are leveraging new technologies, innovation, and best practice to drive success and transform their business.

We’ve put together a ready-to-go program for you to use and kick-start your business case for energy reduction. Below are some key challenges and business drivers for organisations.

Inefficient Energy Usage and Reduction Initiatives

Companies continue to use energy inefficiently throughout their operations resulting in higher costs and risks to their bottom-line. Likewise, they struggle to effectively invest in energy reduction initiatives due to what is often a lack of information and understanding of their energy consumption and where they can get best efficiency returns.

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business planning

Business Planning

  • How much do you pay for energy each year?

  • Has in gone up in recent years? At what rate?

  • What parts of your business are the largest consumers of energy?

  • What actions are your business lines taking regarding their energy efficiency? Which ones are working and which ones don’t?

  • Do you risk losing specific markets or large customers because of any mandate related to sustainability?
  • Do you risk losing specific markets or large customers because of any mandate related to sustainability?
  • Can you increase market share by manufacturing and/or selling more energy efficient products?

Energy Prices

It has and will continue to be a turbulent time to plan for energy use. Companies need to find a path that optimally reduces their exposure to this volatility and sets them on course for sustainable growth.  Prices continue to go up, so you’ll need to manage and mitigate that risk and ensure bottom-line impact.

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warehouse operations

Business Operations

  • Which parts of your business consume the most energy?

  • What is the energy intensity of different parts of your business?

  • Have you maximised all low hanging energy reduction opportunities?

  • Do you know what energy efficiency projects you should invest in first?

  • Can you make a business case for budget to fund energy efficiency projects?

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