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Are you paying too much for your electricity bills?

Discover how to reduce your cost by up to 70%

Don’t let another year of kVA demand rule your costs!

Energy Independence Brisbane
Wade Samin
Wade SaminManaging Director | Samin Sheet Metal
We have saved over $11k in the first 6 months of the system operating, and have successfully moving away from the kVA Demand, thanks to Energy Partners.
Kevin Cavanagh
Kevin CavanaghManaging Director | Cabinets Online
We have just installed our SolarEdge 87kWp system to keep us away from the demand tariff and watch our system daily through the web-portal.
Rob Walters
Rob WaltersGeneral Manager | GM Poles
We have reduced our consumption below the threshold and have already been re-assigned by Energex to a business flat tariff, thanks to Energy Partners.

Here’s what you will learn in the upcoming audit:

Energex Network Application for Grid Connection Brisbane

Audit Application Review

We will review your application to see if you qualify for a Free Audit.

10 -15 min Review

We’ll arrange a session to see if we believe their is a good fit based on your energy usage and our methodology.

Energy Bill Acquisition Expert Brisbane

Energy Audit

Our consultant will arrange a session to dive deeper into your goals and objectives.

Review your energy reduction goals and objectives while our team is requesting your energy data.

Commercial Solar Panels Brisbane - Initial feasibility

Energy Data Analysis

We then kick things off with a thorough analysis of your energy data.

We’ll need your approval to access your data from your energy retailer before we can analyse it.

Energy Bill Acquisition Expert Brisbane

Design A Plan

Our team will provide a detailed analysis of your energy profile.

Tariff Re-Assignment

Based on these insights our team will put together a game plan so you can start to understand the power of tariff re-assignment.

Engineered Solar design for Grid Connection Brisbane

Game Plan Roll Out

We'll arrange a session to discuss your potential for energy reduction.

Based on your energy reduction objectives and our methodology then we can open up a conversation on how we can best work together for you to implement the strategy into your business.

Commercial Solar System & Web Monitoring Portal Brisbane

Relationship Builders Package

We help you achieve your short term goals.

Low Hanging Fruit

We work together to see what you can save immediately while we roll out the tariff re-assignment.


Commercial solar Brisbane 013

Our company recently created a video on ‘Energex Tariff Re-Assignment’.

Watch the video and apply for the ‘Free Energy Bill Audit’.