Cabinets Online

Cabinets Online has approached Energy Partners to complete an Energy Bill Audit and openly discuss the potential of energy load profiling for tariff re-assignment.

Cabinets Online see this as a great opportunity to leverage Energex’s tariff re-assignment process and achieve their energy reduction goals.

The main focus being the ability to access the renewable energy funding to drive investment into becoming more sustainable.

At the end of the session if we both believe there is a good fit based on your energy objectives and the tariff re-assignment potential we can open the conversation on how we can best work together to help you implement the strategy within your business.

Game Plan Roll Out for Energy Independence Brisbane



  • Reduce energy costs

  • Protect usage against increased energy rates

  • Unlock renewable energy contribution

  • Become more sustainable

  • Remain competitive by maintaining product pricing

  • Achieve greater energy independence

Reduce energy costs Brisbane

 You Can Reach Energy Independence

in 6 Simple Steps

Energy Partners specialise in transforming the energy requirements of commercial and industrial businesses by introducing custom energy management initiatives to reduce your network demand and energy charges. We do this through the use of solar systems and other demand management strategies and aim to guide, Client Name Here, to greater energy independence.


energy bill audit

current state of play

Current Grid Electricity Costs

  • Paying Too Much

Retail kWh Costs

  • 35%

Network Demand Costs

  • 64%

Default Network Tariff

  • Small Demand

Renewable Energy Charges

  • Nothing to Show

Renewable Energy Projection

  • Estimate till 2030


Cabinets Online are heavily grid dependent on the electricity network, leaving the company exposed to increased energy rates!

The company has been and still will contribute towards renewable energy projects such as wind and solar with nothing to show for their contribution!

Energex Tariff Re-Assignment

Energex NTC8100 Small Demand <100,000-kWh
Demand $/kVA/month      $19.97

Usage flat c/kWh                   1.411 cents

Supply $/Day                         $4.753

Client Name Here < 198,000-kWhs
Demand kVA    $35,010

Usage flat          $ 1,300

Supply                $ 1,734

Total                    $38,010

Business Flat >100,000-kWh
Usage flat c/kWh      11.588 cents

Supply $/Day             0.648 cents

Customers Name Here >82,000-kWh
Usage flat     $9,502

Supply            $ 236

Total               $9,738

$28,727 Savings/yr 1

creating a self funding budget to drive investment

Energy Management System

Energy Independence will help put $511,601 into your bottomline!

Total Power Cost

  • 12 years

Average kWh Cost

  • Todays Rate

Net Savings

  • after 12 Years

Average kWh Cost

  • Solar Generated

Additional $67,500 in Gov Funding available