“Electricity is a vital part of running a business, so let’s use it well. Install solar for your business and start reducing your energy costs.”

Businesses have a lot of additional expenses to contend with these days, like the increasing costs of electricity and running a business, and environmental issues resulting from climate change. Now, with Energex moving to a more cost-reflective tariff structure, businesses need to pay more attention to their energy consumption and invest in energy management strategies that reduce their reliance on grid electricity.

Installing solar is the most effective energy reduction strategy for your commercial or industrial business as it enables you to harness the sun’s energy during the day when your business is in peak operation.

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Understanding Energex Demand Tariffs

The introduction of Energex’s cost-reflective demand tariff structures a few years ago has seen energy costs explode for some medium-demand businesses. Demand tariffs have moved from a kilowatt (kW) demand to a kilovolt Amp (kVA) demand. Which means if your business is using more than 100,000 kWhs annually, then you’re being charged a kVA demand charge for your highest peak demand each month (over a 30-minute period).

This is how solar can help.

By reducing your peak kilowatt hour usage through solar energy, you’ll not only reduce your annual consumption to under 100,000 kWhs, but you could also reduce (or eliminate) your peak demand charges.

When you consider that the peak demand charge can account for 50% of a small-demand customer’s electricity bill – it’s worth analysing how the introduction of solar energy will affect your business.

Discover how you can eliminate kVA Demand and simplify your costs

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Bespoke Analytics

Bespoke Analytics to Drive Energy Costs Savings Brisbane - Energy Partners

Energy clients and partners gain access to analytics that provide key metrics of demand and usage characteristics. With our analytics, you can establish a detailed profile in which projects the savings outcome more accurately than our competitors.

These detailed user profile views help businesses to better understand their costs, then control with highly actionable solutions, that will drive deeper costs savings.