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Commercial Customer Pty Ltd

Commercial Address QLD post code

System Investment: $201,483.50 Inc GST

System Payback: 4.2 Years

Annual kWh Yield Offset*:

240 day’s Peak – 112.96 MWh

96 day’s Off Peak – 11.88 MWh

*@ Peak/Off Peak kWh 16.91c / 8.94c

1st Year Savings: – $21,500.00

Gross Price Before Government Funding
Samin Solar layout - Energy Partners Brisbane
SolarEdge Brisbane
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The system we are proposing utilises Solar Edge integrated PV equipment. This is the most advanced energy harvesting system available on the international market. Complete with integrated DC optimised PV modules; DC Optimised yields the maximum power from PV modules due to module level MPPT (fine tuning) feature. The use of integrated Optimised Modules in the design reduces array DC cabling and DC connector requirements by 50%.

Estimated SolarEdge Production Chart


The Solar edge system allows live Module Level fault diagnostics and performance data, including graphical & historical system and component yield comparisons. Monitoring also allows the use of a public display kiosk if/when desired. 24hr system diagnostics allows us to keep an eye on your investment from firmware upgrades and early warning of component trouble.

The Solar Edge inverter technology has built-in dynamic export control capabilities, enabling fine-tuning of the system output to meet live kW demand.

Solar edge system monitoring Brisbane


  • “Safe-DC” enables automatic module shutdown to 1Vdc when inverter is not operating, eliminating dangerous DC string voltages. Total string voltage is 50Vdc.
  • Arc Fault Detection – arcs are detected & prevented by module shutdown. Hotspots & PID are virtually eliminated.
  • Thermal protection of modules & inverters is built-in.
  • Potential faults are reported, detected and located through the Solar Edge system-monitoring portal, allowing effective preventative maintenance.
SolarEdge Brisbane - Safe DC


  • Solar Edge components carry industry best warranties:
  • Inverter: 12-year std, with 20 or 25-year option
  • Integrated Module optimizers: 25-year std
  • PV Modules: 10-year product warranty, 25-year linear power warranty.

The Importance of Inverter selection:

 While inverters account for only 10% of the system cost they:

  • Manage 100% of the system production
  • Control O&M expenses through PV asset management solutions

Therefore, the inverter selection is critical for the long term financial performance of a PV system as it can maximise energy production and reduce lifetime costs.

Importance of Inverters - Energy Partners

The Maximum Energy from Each Module:

In a PV system, each panel has an individual maximum power point. Differences between panels are un -avoidable in commercial installations.

With Traditional inverters, the weakest panel reduces the performance of all panels in the string.

With SolarEdge, each panel produces the maximum energy, and mismatch-related power losses are eliminated.


Advanced Assets Management:

 Full visibility of your system’s performance

  • Full visibility into your assets through module-level monitoring – free for the system lifetime
  • Automatic alerts on the system issues, pinpointed on a virtual site map

Anytime, anywhere

  • Complete system status on your mobile devices (iOS or Android)

Future compatibility and warranty

  • 25-year power optimiser warranty, 12-year inverter warranty; low cost inverter replacement out of warranty
  • Any panel model can be used for future replacement & extension

For system lifetime

  • Automatic performance reports
  • Remote troubleshooting and enhanced maintenance capabilities
Remote troubleshooting and enhanced maintenance - Energy Partners Brisbane

Power Losses can result from Multiple factors, including:

  • Manufacturing Tolerance Mismatch
  • Soiling, shading & Leaves
  • Uneven Module Aging

Arc Fault detection & Interruption:

SolarEdge Inverters have a built-in protection designed to mitigate the effects of some arcing faults that may pose a risk of fire.

Superior Safety:

SafeDC is a built-in module-level safety feature which minimises electrocution risk. During installation or when the grid or inverter is shut down (including during maintenance), power optimisers are designed to automatically switch into safety mode, in which the output voltage of each module will be reduced to 1V.


The SolarEdge DC optimised inverter maxi -mises power generation at the individual module-level while lowering the cost of energy production by the PV system for a higher return on investment.

Our Clients Say

Wade Samin - Managing Director of Samin Sheet Metal

“I wanted a solution to get our business away from the kVA demand and simplify my costs and Energy Partners were the perfect choice to partner with.”


“Energy Partners, has helped take our business from a Small Demand Tariff to Business Flat.”


Commercial Customer Pty Ltd

123 Energy Street, Energy Pathway, QLD 4000

100kVA SolarEdge Commercial PV System

Scope of work:

  1. Consult on equipment spec and customer requirements for new PV system.
  2. Design 100 kVA system to suit building’s roof layout and electrical requirements.
  3. Engage RPEQ engineer to complete and submit to Energex, IES Embedded Generator Connection, and including drawings with single line diagram.
  4. Engineer to liaise with Project Officer at Energex and manage the technical requirements.
  5. Green Ninja Electrical to install the PV system to meet Energex requirements, and to complete commissioning of the system.
  6. Commercial customer signs over the right to claim the STC’s on their behalf.
  7. Paperwork such as warranties etc to be completed and final payment is made, system is handed over to Customer.

System Details:

SolarEdge 3Phase 27/6 kVA Transformerless Inverters, 12 Yr Warranty, Premium 25 Yr Warranty-optional3
270W Canadian Embedded Poly-crystalline Smart Modules 10 Yr Warranty, 25 Yr Linear Power Warranty240
SolarEdge – Wattnode data logger  for Import/Export and Self Consumption Monitoring1
1000-amp Split Core CT’s to connect the wattnode and capture current3
Woodward Multifunction Relay and Grid Protection with Modbus Communications1
Approved and Certified Panel Racking1
DC Isolators and isolator covers12
DC Cabling to connect the panels to Inverters600
AC Cabling from Inverters to Woodward control relay15
Circuit Breaker to connect the Woodward controller1
PowerwoRx CPS – clean power system2
Insurance and waste disposal1
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