Residential Solar Power

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How much could solar save your home?

With the cost of electricity rising home owners are looking for ways to decrease their electricity bill and maximise their savings. Installing home solar power is the most effective energy reduction strategy for your home, enabling you to harness the sun’s free energy to power your household.

Energy Partners provide home owners unmatched energy efficient solutions through our in-house specialist team and a close partnership with our suppliers. We are your energy consultants, solar designers, solar installers, solar electricians, maintenance providers and most importantly your energy partners.

residential solar system

Solar Panels & Optimizers

We turn all of our panels into smart panels using SolarEdge’s innovative Power Optimisers. These Power Optimisers are responsible for managing the power of each individual panel so that each reaches its own maximum potential regardless of the performance of the other panels.

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solar monitoring

Monitor Your Home Solar System

Enjoy full visibility of your home solar power with SolarEdge’s monitoring platform. Track your PV systems energy production down to a panel level and receive alerts for fault detection. The system is accessible either via your computer or smartphone or tablet app, so you can monitor your systems production while on-the-go. Check out the video below to see the monitoring platform in action.


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solar batteries

Solar Batteries

Maximise your self-consumption and increase your energy independence by adding a battery to your PV system. SolarEdge’s StorEdge interface allows you to connect a high-voltage battery to your SolarEdge inverter. LG Chem is recognised as the industry leader in lithium-ion battery technology. Their RESU batteries boast high quality battery banks in a range of sizes, the ability to be installed indoors and outdoors and an aesthetically pleasing design.


Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters are responsible for managing grid interaction and PV production. SolarEdge inverters provide enhanced safety features like SafeDC™ keeping everyone safe during installation, maintenance and emergencies. Offering one of the industries’ longest warranties for its products, with up to 25 years for both the inverter and the power optimizers it’s easy to see why we choose to install SolarEdge.

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