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Looking for Commercial Solar Power Brisbane?

Many commercial business customers are paying too much for their electricity usage in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs because they are not assigned to the most appropriate tariff for their consumption needs.

Utilising solar panels in your business will help reduce your consumption. Energy Partners will also help you access a cheaper tariff.

Energex’s small demand customers are paying the highest pricing for network costs in the Industry, in which can be over 50 per cent of their electricity bill.


(average Small Demand energy costs)

Grid Costs
Grid Dependence
More Control
Better Managed

We Can Help You Reach Energy Independence

in 6 Simple Steps

We specialise in transforming the energy requirements of commercial and industrial businesses by introducing custom energy management initiatives to reduce your network demand. Through the use of commercial solar power Brisbane and other demand management strategies we aim to guide our customers to complete energy independence.

Energy Bill Acquisition Expert Brisbane

EBAE (Energy bill acquisition expert)

We kick things off with a thorough analysis of your energy data.

You can't manage what you don't measure

We’ll need your approval to access your data from your energy retailer before we can analyse it.

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Commercial Solar Panels Brisbane - Initial feasibility

Initial Feasibility

We'll help you learn what your unique energy data reveals so you better understand where to begin.

You'll meet with our team to discuss your energy reduction options.

We’ll provide a free report to see what is achievable for your business.

Once you have established your options, we then provide a more detailed design.

Energex Network Application for Grid Connection Brisbane

Network Application

We'll submit your Preliminary Project Assessment Report enquiry to Energex.

Next step - Connection Enquiry

We work with a Project Officer at Energex to manage your project.

Once we have the Energex requirements for your project we will have your project engineered.

Engineered Solar design for Grid Connection Brisbane


We'll engineer your design to meet Energex requirements for grid connection.

Connection offer

It is a requirement of the National Electricity Rules that Energex and applicants enter into a connection agreement for the connection of your (solar) power station to the network..

Commercial & Residential Solar Installation Brisbane


We start to build your power station.

Building your system

Your build requires a racking system to mount the panels, together with wiring and inverters to connect the panels.
Commercial Solar System & Web Monitoring Portal Brisbane

Handover / O&M

We connect your system and you start accessing your web portal for monitoring.

Commissioning & Connection

Further work maybe carried out by our engineer shree, on connecting your new system to the grid.

Energy Data Analytics at Our Core

Energy Partners’ unique energy bill acquisition expert (EBAE) platform, enables understanding of an commercial end-user for tariff classification. This energy load profiling of a facility drives much deeper, informed modelling. Energy Partners uses this information and will deliver better business outcomes by accurately designing solutions, and improving investment returns. Commercial Solar Power is one of the strategies we use



Electricity Bill Acquisition Expert

Electricity Bill Acquisition Expert Brisbane

Residential or Commercial Solar

Save at Home and at Work

Residential or Commercial Solar Save System Brisbane Overview

Energy Procurement

Manage contracts and secure retail energy pricing

Commercial Solar Panels Brisbane - Energy Procurement Services

Business Case for Energy Reduction

Energy Reduction Reports

Energy Reduction Reports for Business Solar Energy Brisbane

Renewable Energy Solutions

SolarEdge Commercial PV Systems

SolarEdge Commercial PV Systems Brisbane - Energy Partners

Demandside Management

PowerwoRx CPS – Clean Power Systems

Demandside Management Services for Commercial & Residential Places Brisbane

Ready to get started with commercial solar power? Here’s how it works:

Our Clients Say

Wade Samin - Managing Director of Samin Sheet Metal

“I wanted a solution to get our business away from the kVA demand and simplify my costs and Energy Partners were the perfect choice to partner with.”


“Energy Partners, has helped take our business from a Small Demand Tariff to Business Flat.”


Latest News

The Energy Industry is a changing landscape and will continue to evolve dramatically over the next few years. We like to keep ourselves and partners up to date with commercial solar power Brisbane and Industry knowledge to help make better decisions about energy supply and costs.

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