Forgive me for stating the obvious, but you may have noticed that Brisbane has been flippin’ hot recently. And while stuffing ice down your shirt or running through the sprinkler has its merits, the best way to beat the Brisbane heat is with air conditioning . Whether for home or business, the positive impact on health, comfort and hip pocket are hard to deny.

Energy Partners Brisbane Air Conditioning why you need

A comfortable home is a happy home

We’ve all experienced the irritability and bad tempers that arise from being too hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable in the summer heat. It can be especially tough for the littlies, the elderly and people who suffer from health conditions.

Air conditioners work by removing the humidity from the air. Lower humidity means:

  • no sweat to cause heat rash and irritation,
  • a cooler environment to support calm behaviours,
  • a much more comfortable sleeping environment leading to a more productive day,
  • fewer mozzies and other creepy crawlies (who prefer a warmer environment).

Better quality air means better health

Recent weather events have seen an explosion of mould and damp in Brisbane homes. Air conditioner installation can help stop the growth of mould because as it removes the humidity from the air, it also removes the conditions in which mould is likely to grow.

Reducing or removing mould and damp helps counteract the harmful health effects associated with breathing in airborne pathogens, mould spores and other nasty irritants.

Air conditioners have also been shown to filter out many things that trigger asthma attacks, such as pollen, pet dander and dust mites.

Energy Partners Brisbane Air Conditioning why you need

Look after your customers and they’ll look after you

Air conditioning your office or business is a great way to increase the likelihood of repeat customers. You certainly don’t want customers or clients cutting their visit short because they are hot and bothered. Customers who feel comfortable are more likely to spend a longer time in the business, leading to a higher likelihood that they will spend money.

And when it comes to productive workers, it’s pretty clear that when a worker feels comfortable, they are more focused, and can be far more productive than if they have to concentrate on finding the nearest window or fan to work by! Why not let the benefits of air conditioning benefit your bottom line?

What about winter?

While the cooler months are certainly creeping up on us, when you live and work in Brisbane, that’s no reason to put off air conditioner installation in your home or business. Our subtropical location means we can have high temperatures all year round. But even if the mercury does drop, did you know that a reverse cycle air conditioner is actually more cost-effective for heating than traditional gas or electric heating appliances? And when combined with solar panels, you can really see the positive difference to your bank balance.

If you’re ready to take advantage of all the benefits of air conditioning your home or business, contact Energy Partners today.

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