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Canadian Solar – proven under the Australian sun since 2011.

Founded in 2001, Canadian Solar began with an ambitious mission.

They aimed to foster sustainable development and create a better and cleaner earth for future generations by bringing electricity powered by the sun to millions of people worldwide. Through hard work and innovation, Canadian Solar has since grown to have subsidiaries in 23 countries and regions on 6 continents. It has active buying customers in over 160 countries and more than 14,000 dedicated employees. It has 20 manufacturing facilities in Asia and the Americas and has shipped over 59 Gigawatts of solar modules.

This is seriously impressive! And it couldn’t have happened without also growing a reputation for reliability, adaptability, and innovation.

In fact, Canadian Solar regularly picks up awards for their technology and business savvy. While it’s impressive that they win awards, it’s even more impressive than what they have built-in Australia.

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About Canadian Solar.

Canadian Solar in Australia.

Canadians and Australians have always had a natural affinity. It’s no different with Canadian Solar! This global company is certainly not staying distant, with over 60 employees around Australia based in 4 offices and 5 warehouses. Canadian Solar has a strong local presence with local knowledge, dedicated logistics and warranty support on the ground.

Not only are Canadian Solar’s Aussie operations firmly planted on Australian soil, but their sense of social and environmental responsibility is here too. The company has a comprehensive strategy to achieve a representative and diverse workforce. They are also on track to power 100% of their global operations with renewable energy by 2030. In addition, they are addressing the end of life of solar panels by taking part in the industry-leading solar panel recycling program with Reclaim PV. Importantly, Canadian Solar hires locally. From a local C-Suite team to using local businesses and creating jobs in regional areas, we are proud to work with a company that is committed to empowering locals and making a positive difference.

Canadian Solar’s origins.

Before arriving in Australia, Canadian Solar had already built a reputation as a global energy provider. Dr Shawn Qu founded Canadian Solar using his expertise in various positions including product engineering, business development and strategic planning at ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Inc. and its solar subsidiary Photowatt International S.A. He was also a research scientist at Ontario Power Generation where he worked as a process leader in its solar product commercialisation team.

Awards and achievements.

In 2012, Canadian Solar was a Solar Project Award Finalist.

In 2016, they were named as The Best PV Module Manufacturer Award in Brazil by Smart Energy and No. 1 Module Supplier for Quality and Performance/Price Ratio in IHS Module Customer Insight Survey. In 2017, they were the No. 1 Silicon module solar plant developer by Greentech Media Research and Best Structured Project Bond Award by Environmental Finance. They were also branded as the Leading Company in the Photon PV Triathlon 2017. In 2018, they received two deal of the Year Awards from Power Finance and Risk.

Of particular note is Canadian Solar’s status as a Bloomberg Tier 1 Manufacturer. Bloomberg’s infamous tier 1 ranking is NOT a measure of the quality of a solar in any way. It is instead an indication of the bankability of the manufacturer based on publicly released information on the financial health of the company. This matters, as Canadian Solar has been assessed to have financial longevity, and it is more likely than other companies to support customers for years to come. This means they will be able to provide support to their customers through a 25 year warranty. Undoubtedly, this is a huge advantage of buying from a large, well-known manufacturer.

Canadian Solar champions a clean environment.

Canadian Solar does not only promote sustainable living and consumption through its products and services.

According to the company’s 2020 sustainability report, their key achievements from 2017 until 2020 includes a 44% reduction in water usage, 19% reduction in energy, 18% reduction in greenhouse gas emission and 18% reduction in waste intensity. They truly walk the talk when it comes to sustainability.

Canadian Solar aims to power the world with solar energy and create a cleaner Earth for future generations and further continue in making efforts to improve practices to ensure long-term sustainability. They have set ambitions in 2025 which targets to reduce GHG emissions, energy intensity, water intensity and waste intensity by 37%, 36%, 45% and 49%, respectively, from 2020 levels. By 2025, Canadian Solar is also set to accomplish the 5-year diversity goals through an increase in female workforce and management positions.

Solar Panels.

Efficiency and durability are two things that Canadian Solar excels at, and their range of solar panels convincingly proves that.

CLICK HERE to see a full comparison table of Canadian Solar’s solar panels. Here is an overview of the solar panels offered by Canadian Solar.

Bifacial High Power Dual Cell PERC (BiHiKu) Module.

Their line-up of products includes Bifacial High Power Dual Cell PERC Module with a power range that starts at 390 W and can power up to 540 W. This module has PERC technology and enhanced reliability with a lower hotspot performance and better shading tolerance. It yields approximately 29% more energy in its lifespan and is compatible with mainstream trackers. This module’s variations include from BiHiKu, BiHiKu6 and BiHiKu7.

HiKu Module.

HiKu is another range with a power range from 330 W to 550 W depending on the preferred module. HiKu stands for High Power Dual Cell PERC Module. It is not only compatible with mainstream trackers, but it also has a low hot spot temperature and better shading tolerance to enhance reliability. It also has up to 50% lower LeTID and lowers BOS & LCOE cost. HiKu has variations of HiKu, HiKu5 and HiKu6, each with different wafers and dual cell measurements.

High-Efficiency Heterojunction (HJT) Cell Module.

Canadian Solar also has a High-Efficiency Heterojunction (HJT) Cell Module which has a module efficiency of up to 22% that maximises the use of the rooftop space. This makes it one of the most efficient solar panels on the market. Its energy yield can increase in a warmer climate with low power degradation – great news for Queenslanders. It also has no BO-LID, excellent anti-LeTID & anti-PID performance with a double glass module.

High-Density Shingle Mono-PERC Module.

Their High-Density Shingle Mono-PERC Module can maximise the light absorption area with a LID + LeTID of less than 2%. Its power ranges from 320 to 420 W.

Additional benefits.

Canadian Solar solar panels also offer an all-black backsheet and frame for a sleepker, more aesthetic appearance. They also offer KuPower which has various power and sizes for replacement. In addition, KuPower can be used to replace the other brand modules.

A notable benefit of going solar is that that solar systems add value to homes. Moreover, when that system is built with Canadian Solar components, it has a 25 year performance warranty (wow!), that is not only industry-leading but is backed up with insurance by Canadian Solar. This means you can have absolute confidence that you’ll receive support on your Canadian Solar solar panels for the full 25 years.


Canadian Solar has inverters for both residential and commercial use. Their entry-level single-phase string inverter with DC box has a maximum efficiency of 98.1%, which is hugely impressive. It is available in a range of kilowatt capacities, from 3, 5, 7, to 8 kW.

Canadian Solar also has a Mini Three-Phase String Inverter 1000 V with available variations ranging from 5 to 20kW. This string inverter has an impressive maximum efficiency of 98.7% and has 2 MPPTs to achieve higher efficiency. An MPPT, or maximum power point tracker, is an electronic DC to DC converter that optimises the match between the solar array (PV panels), and the battery bank or utility grid.

To make comparison easy, both for residential and commercial inverters, here is a table with key features:

Residential Inverter:Features:
Single-phase string inverter (5 kW)Maximum efficiency up to 98.1%Dual maximum power point trackingFlexible communication connection: supports RF, WiFi, EthernetTransformerless topologyCompact design and lightweight, only one person required for installation
Three-phase string inverter (5-10 kW)Maximum efficiency up to 98.7%, wide input voltage rangeDual maximum power point trackingStrings include intelligent monitoring and have up to 20% DC/AC ratioFlexible communication connection: supports RF, WiFi, EthernetTransformerless topology
Commercial Inverter:Features:
Three-phase string inverter (5-10 kW)Maximum efficiency up to 98.7%, wide input voltage rangeDual maximum power point trackingFlexible communication connect: supports RF, WiFi, EthernetTransformerless topology
Three-phase string inverter (12-20 kW)Maximum efficiency up to 98.7%, wide input voltage rangeDual maximum power point trackingFlexible communication connect: supports RF, WiFi, EthernetTransformerless topology

Solar Projects.

As we have already mentioned, Canadian Solar has a significant presence in Australia.

Canadian Solar - Longreach Solar Farm

In fact, some of our biggest solar projects are made up of Canadian Solar componentry, as are many residential projects.

Oakey Solar Farm.

As big as the Longreach Canadian Solar project is, the one in Oakey, Queensland, dwarves it. It is a 100MW utility solar plant, using over 90,000 Canadian Solar Dual Cell KU solar panels. It was installed in July 2018 and powers approximately 8,000 Aussie homes.

Projects of this scale are important for several reasons. They demonstrate the very real electricity that can be generated to power thousands of homes and businesses. They also demonstrate to customers that the Canadian Solar technology they are investing in is trusted for the largest projects and the harshest conditions. Importantly, they also accelerate Australia’s shift to sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy.

Longreach Solar Farm.

Right here in the Queensland town of Longreach, Canadian Solar developed the Longreach Solar Farm. While not as large as the Oakey project, it is still massive. Starting operation in May 2018, it is a 17.4 MW solar photovoltaic project and is made up of 51,330 Canadian Solar MaxPower CS6U-335/340M panels.

Longreach Solar Farm will have an annual system output of 39,960 MWdc, which will save 22,000kg of CO2 emissions annually. This is of significant value to combating climate change, already so detrimental to Queensland farmers. Specifically, Canadian Solar has worked closely with the Longreach community, and this Solar Farm has benefited local landowner and grazier James Walker. He became involved in the project to diversify his operations during the drought, providing an alternate income source that can help protect him against the unpredictability of climate change.

The multiple opportunities and benefits that the Longreach Solar Farm presents to the local and broader communities are part of Canadian Solar’s ongoing commitment to making a difference.

Throughout the planning and development stages, Canadian Solar committed to in-depth community engagement, hosting multiple community consultation events to provide information, hear and address concerns, and offer employment and partnership opportunities to the local community. This project will have additional flow-on benefits as solar energy continues to grow in regional Australia, particularly as the QLD government strives to meet its renewable energy target of 50% renewable energy by 2030. The experience gained during the development of the Longreach Solar Project will allow those involved to be instrumental in the continual growth of this industry in the region.


In 2018 CSA Services installed 35 of Canadian Solar’s CS3KP Ku Modules on a residential Indooroopilly, Brisbane home. This system had an annual system output of 16,096 kWh/year, which contributed to a significant saving on their electricity bills.

Additionally, Canadian Solar’s Ku Modules are an excellent choice for residential rooftop installations, as they have a high shading tolerance. This is due to the innovative dual-module design which has a high shading tolerance. For this reason, the Ku Modules are the popular option for residential areas where trees or tall buildings may cause shadows over the installation, where this would significantly decrease output in standard modules. Furthermore, Ku Modules feature a lower module operating temperature and lower hot-spot risk enabling them to keep their cool under the hot Australian sun.

A Canadian that loves the Aussie sun.

Canadian Solar powers over 172,000 Australian households, and this number grows every day. It diverts 11 million tonnes of CO2 in Australia and continues to be a central player in making us the world leader in solar power uptake.

Our clients often ask us what brand is a good all-rounder. Who presents good quality and value. It really is hard to go past Canadian Solar for a win-win! We’ve been using their panels, inverters and batteries for years and can agree with the reviews – they really are reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Get in touch for an obligation-free look at what your solar system would look like with Canadian Solar. We can also discuss how much money you’ll save each quarter by going solar! Call us on 1300 768 977 or book your consultation immediately by clicking HERE.

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