Clean Energy to Power Early Learning!


Shrink Your Energy Bill

Energy bills are increasing for everyone, including early learning centres. Wouldn’t you rather put that money towards a new garden, resources, or professional development? On average, our clients are saving 50% on their power bill, and many are saving more.


Embrace Green Energy

We know fossil fuels are creating a dire environment for children now, as well as future generations. Switch to solar and make a real difference to our climate, air, and living world. There’s still time to halt the effects of climate change – if we act now.


The ECE Energy Experts

At Energy Partners, we love sharing our enthusiasm and expertise about solar with tomorrow’s leaders! We deliver a fun, educational, and interactive show to the children at ECE centres about where electricity comes from and how solar works, plus we install a touch-screen kiosk with live energy data.

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Leading By Example.

Environmental responsibility is something that ECE centres take seriously, and so do we. We work with child care centres, just like yours, who want to improve their bottom line and show first-hand what taking care of the environment looks like.

Sunny Hills Childcare

Instant Asset Write-Off.

Now is the time to reduce your centres energy costs. The governments instant asset write-off allows you to write-off the complete asset within the first year. Utilising this fantastic government incentive provides child care centres with a faster pay back and extra savings to put back into the centre.