Solar Power Monitoring

Commercial Solar

Monitor Your Business’s Solar Power Performance

Enjoy full visibility of your business solar technical and financial performance with our advanced solar power monitoring. With our comprehensive monitoring you’ll have high resolution performance data and receive automatic alerts on system issues.

business solar power monitoring

Ensuring Maximum Performance

Our specialised team monitor your business solar power performance daily to ensure it’s operating at peak performance. Your business can have peace of mind knowing that your solar system has immediate fault detection at panel level, string level and system level.

business solar monitoring

Comprehensive Data

The Solar Monitoring application provides data and visualisations of solar PV production, building consumption and self-consumption. This allows you to track and measure your business solar performance and compare to your saving targets.

Satellite-Based Performance Ratio

A PV system’s performance ratio (PR) is the ratio between actual production of a PV system and received solar irradiation on-site, and is used to evaluate system quality and prevent possible inaccurate measurements due to environmental factors. This system eliminates sensor purchasing, installation, maintenance, cleaning and replacement costs involved in onsite sensors. The system can provide daily and monthly PR calculations which are seamlessly visualised on the dashboard of the monitoring platform.

solar pv system performance ratio satellite

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