Our clients tell us that we offer more than some of the biggest solar providers in Australia. This is something we’re very proud of, as we work hard to maintain our high standards. Our latest success story is that of Marsh Springs, a leading Australian spring manufacturer based in Brisbane. The company’s GM, Adam McJannett, sat down with us for a chat to give us feedback about our process and what really worked for him and the company. Watch the video here.

We’d say that an annual energy saving of $32,500 is a pretty good sign of a successful solar project! Adam told us that Marsh Springs had been spending upwards of $300,000 a year on electricity, so that is a significant saving – a 20 per cent reduction in their energy costs that we were able to achieve for them.

How did we do it? Through a personalised energy solution.

Adam approached Energy Partners to develop an energy solution to drastically reduce their very high annual power costs. A result of the huge savings that we helped them make is they were able to divert the money they saved towards new machinery for their plant.

There were six simple steps that we took Adam and his team through to transform Marsh Springs’ energy requirements in order to make these drastic savings. This is what you can expect us to take you through when you come to us for an energy consultation. It’s important that businesses follow all the steps required so that we can collect the right data and understand the complexity of your business, in order for us to work out a network tariff structure that’s suitable for your business operation and the way you use power.


  1. EBAE – our Energy Bill Acquisition Expert takes a good hard look at the energy data from the business’s power bills.
  2. Initial Feasibility – we explain what the business’s unique energy data reveals, so we can better understand where to begin in helping to make savings.
  3. Network Application – we submit a Preliminary Project Assessment Report enquiry to Energex.
  4. Design – we engineer the solar design to meet Energex’s requirements for grid connection.
  5. Installation – we design and build the custom solar power station.
  6. Handover/O&M – we connect the solar system, and the customer is able to start accessing the business’s web portal for monitoring their solar production and consumption.

What else? Tariff optimisation?

What sets our service apart from all other solar providers is our ability to provide in-depth analysis of your business’s energy needs. When Adam from Marsh Springs contacted some of our biggest competitors across Australia, he discovered that none offered tariff optimisation. This is why he chose to go with us. It is what sets Energy Partners apart and how we’re able to provided consistent energy solutions.

Given our intimate knowledge of Energex’s tariff schedule, we endeavour to match your business to the best tariff option available. Businesses such as Marsh Springs have benefited greatly from our network tariff optimisation service. Meanwhile, some businesses don’t even know what tariff they are on; and if you don’t know about your business, you can check this easily here.

Adam’s final word is that he thinks that businesses definitely need to investigate their tariff options, and see what Energy Partners can do to reduce their huge power bills too! We thank Adam for his great endorsement of our expert solar financial services, and for giving his time in making this short video.


Jay Dean

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