As electricity costs continue to climb, is it time your business stopped relying on grid electricity and moved towards energy independence?

Energy independence is no longer a futuristic dream alongside flux capacitors and hoverboards – it’s an achievable reality and we’re going to tell you how.


What is Energy Independence?.

Energy dependence is the extent to which you rely on the state’s electricity grid to power your business. Energy Independence is when you can supply your own power, usually through renewable energy resources, like solar, and battery storage.

It’s a cheaper and cleaner alternative, and allows your business to achieve environmental goals.


How Can You Become Energy Independent?.

There are several strategies you can introduce to your business for better energy management. The most obvious choice for most Queensland commercial and industrial business owners is to install your own solar power plant.


  •  Install commercial solar panels

    Installing a solar power plant for your commercial business is the most effective way to move towards energy independence. Solar enables you to harness free energy from our magnificent sun during the day when most businesses are at peak operation, reducing your demand for grid electricity. The sun’s energy is renewable (not likely to run out in the foreseeable future), and it’s clean – so you also reduce your carbon footprint.

    We’re lucky in Brisbane, because an expertly-modelled commercial solar power plant can generate enough electricity to service your business’ daily energy needs. And, they are relatively low maintenance – so you don’t need to worry about costly maintenance and repairs.

    Although Solar PV systems may seem an initial cost to the business – you can fund your project through innovative financial solutions and expect to pay it off within 3 – 4  years and start saving $Thousands within 4 years that you would have otherwise spent on your grid electricity consumption.

    An expertly-modelled commercial solar power plant can generate enough electricity to service your business’ daily energy needs.


  • Operate more efficiently during the day

    Once you have solar power, you can also introduce better energy management practices during the day when your business is in peak operation, lowering your demand on the network.

    Instead of waiting for the night shift, machinery and equipment, like compressors, air conditioners, and phone and laptop charging, can be run during the daytime hours to ensure you’re using your free solar power.

    You Can also:

    Ensure your building is well insulated

    Install live monitoring to see how you use power

    Switch offlights / light sensors when you’re not in the room

    LED lighting upgrade

    Upgrade older motors to new ones

    Install power factor correction equipment.


energy independence from Energy reduction graph
Live energy monitoring is a great way to know your true requirements.


  • Explore Battery (kVAr) Storage

    We live in a beautiful, sunburnt country – gratefully, we have a reliable supply of solar energy we can use to efficiently power our business during the day with little grid dependency.

    Most commercial solar systems provide reduction in kilowatt hours (energy) however can struggle to reduce the peak demand (kVA) your business can place on the grid when the sunshine is lower. Thankfully there is a great solution to complement your commercial solar installation, its called kVAr energy storage and the best aspect of kVAr energy storage will be its ability to work 24/7 to reduce kVA demand.

    Network demand or kVA demand can be the most costly aspect of using electricity to run your business. Some solar power plants have the option to be battery compatible, so make sure you ask your energy expert if your business is eligible for this option.

    energy-independence-from-commercial-solar-batterykVAr energy storage for commercial and industrial customers Australia wide


Where to Start.

Start by taking a more considered approach to your energy consumption and introduce energy management strategies – You’ll introduce cost savings to your business in the short term. You can then use these cost savings to fund your solar project.

Experienced energy specialists can model the right sized solar power system for your commercial site and provide accurate forecasting of your savings and your payback period. We’ve been installing solar systems for our industrial and commercial clients for 9 years – and on average, we’ve been able to save each client $19k within the first year, and the system has paid itself off in full within the 3 – 4 years.

To learn more about moving your business towards energy independence, book your free commercial power audit today and we will provide you the report on how to do so.




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