Making Solar
Systems Smarter

The Evolution of Inverters
String Inverters
Energy losses
Safety limitations
Design Limitations
Lower Efficiency
No DC coupled storage
SolarEdge Solution
More energy 
Flexible design
Superior safety
Smart controls
Why the S-Series Power Optimisers Are Just What We Need for 2022

More Savings

Panel optimisation mitigates power losses caused by manufacturing tolerance, transportation damage, heat & aging, soiling, different tilts & orientations, partial shading and panel / bypass diode failure.

More Visibility

Our advanced monitoring software continuously tracks the performance of every panel in your system, bringing you updates on your system performance anytime, anywhere.

More Safety

SafeDC, rapid shutdown and arc fault protection provides industry-leading safety, complying with the most advanced international standards.

More Possibilities

Connecting to batteries, EV chargers, and smart home devices enables more possible uses of your renewable energy, reducing reliance on grid power

Advanced Safety

The new SolarEdge Sense Connect technology which monitors connectors and prevents electric arcs, is now part of the safety suite, joining SafeDC.

DC Optimisation

Optimisers can Buck and Boost voltage and current to gain the maximum power output of each panel. This will increase the system efficiency and yield, regardless of the performance of other panels in a string.
Two Inverter Choices
SolarEdge Genesis
Energy Hub Inverter
SolarEdge Energy Hub
Introducing SolarEdge Energy Hub

The One. For All.

Our most efficient, multipurpose residential inverter designed to meet every home energy need.

More Savings

Record-breaking inverter efficiencies, connecting extra panels, flexible roof design and maximised energy output from each solar panel means more energy savings.

More Control

Run your major appliances intelligently from solar to get the most out of your system

More Safety

Market-leading safety, with built-in arc detection and SafeDC for automatic panel DC voltage shutdown when AC is off.

More Certainty

Increase energy independence and savings by connecting to multiple SolarEdge Energy Bank batteries with backup.
Energy Hub Inverter
Introducing the SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery
Industry-leading system efficiency ≈ 93%
Indoor or outdoor installation
Combine three per inverter
10kWh energy capacity
5kW continuous power
10-year warranty
SolarEdge Energy Bank
Smart Panels
Factory -fitted Power Optimiser
25-year product warranty
Half-cut cell technology
SolarEdge Smart Panel with Integrated Power Optimiser
Add More Panels
DC Coupled Benefits:
5kW Inverter with 11.6kWp of panels
More panels to power the home
More panels to rapid charge the Energy Bank Batteries
DC Coupled V’s AC Couple solar systems
Inverter oversizing
DC-Coupled Solution
Rapid charging
Higher battery efficiency
Reduced energy losses
Seamless intergration
DC Coupled Batteries
Take Control
Manage battery, EV charger and Smart Home devices with the mySolarEdge app, and built-in consumption monitoring
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Smart home with EV and monitoring
You’re Covered