The SolarEdge battery: The next element for your energy-smart home.

SolarEdge energy storage.

Solar batteries are a game-changer for solar system owners. For many years, one of the sticking points for many people considering going solar has been not having power when the sun goes down.

With energy storage or batteries, this removes this obstacle. By storing excess solar production on a battery, solar power system owners can take control of their energy consumption, maximising their solar usage for greater electricity savings and energy independence. Whether day or night, power can be accessed, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering power bills.

So how does SolarEdge’s StorEdge energy storage stand out from the crowd? Let’s look at four ways.

More Energy.

Combine your smart panels with an Energy Bank battery for maximum power. The panels are designed to maximise system efficiency and produce the most energy. There is no energy loss, as the Energy Bank directly stores solar energy into the battery – no energy-wasting conversions from AC to DC and back.

The SolarEdge solar battery Energy Bank also helps control energy consumption and maximise solar usage for greater energy savings and independence. You won’t need to worry about grid failures due to its exceptional system performance, day or night. Enjoy maximum solar energy production as you reduce your power bills!

Simple Design and Installation.

Reduce the clutter by choosing the Energy Bank. The SolarEdge solar battery system means you only need one inverter for your solar panels and Energy Bank – easy! Plus, it’s all suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, which simplifies the installation process. The Energy Bank battery allows users to benefit from its easy plug-and-play installation on the roof, walls and floors and automatic SetApp-based configuration. The solution also offers advanced safety and panel-level visibility which makes it even more suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Its wireless communication to the inverter will help lessen wiring, labour and installation faults.

Full Visibility and Easy Maintenance.

SolarEdge’s superior monitoring platform tells you everything you want to know about your system’s performance. You can monitor your battery status, solar production, energy use behaviour, and much more. It puts you in the driver’s seat!

Advanced Safety.

Just because your solar system is out of sight doesn’t mean it’s out of mind for SolarEdge. For the safety of both users and installers, all the solar and battery system is designed to automatically reduce to be touch-safe upon AC shut down. This exceeds most safety regulations and is another way that SolarEdge energy storage is a well-rounded choice.

Solar-Powered Peace of Mind with SolarEdge.

Your SolarEdge solar battery Energy Bank residential battery ticks all the boxes, and we find they are ideal for most customers looking for a battery for their home. It’s also future-proof, as the SolarEdge Battery is modular and is stackable for increased power on its battery system.

Want more peace of mind? The Energy Bank battery comes with a 10-year warranty and guarantees to maintain at least 70% of its capacity within that period.

Get in touch with us on 1300 76 89 77 to discuss how a comprehensive SolarEdge solar system could be the answer to your energy needs.

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