The benefits of going solar are significant.

The financial and environmental benefits alone have ensured that Australians have taken up solar energy more than anyone else in the world. One area that is often overlooked, however, is safety. How much do you know about the necessary safety features that set apart a safe system versus an unsafe one? We would like to discuss this issue by exploring a standout option – choosing SolarEdge for safety.

SolarEdge offers enhanced safety features across its residential and commercial range. It abides by the strictest safety standards and regulations being imposed and goes above and beyond to ensure safety to both consumers and installers.

Risks of traditional inverters.

Traditional inverters, when shutdown, still have a high voltage in the wiring which makes them unsafe to touch. Traditional inverters also don’t terminate their flow of current from the rooftop to its inverter during shutdown which means they stay energised and dangerous all day.

To combat these risks, SolarEdge offers enhanced safety with embedded features, SafeDC™, arc fault detection and current interruption to reduce the risk of electrocution and fires.

Superior SolarEdge safety features.

SolarEdge inverters have built-in protection designed to mitigate the effects of fire hazards. The SolarEdge SafeDC™ feature is designed to automatically switch into safety mode when AC is shut down. This is to ensure that the output voltage of each module is reduced to a touch-safe 1V whenever AC power is off until necessary checks can be undertaken. This helps to increase personal safety, protect equipment and prevent structural damage.

SolarEdge has been branded as a global leader in smart energy technology. Along with creating products and providing solutions that power lives and drive future progress, they also always put safety as their priority.

Get the safest solar.

Choose solar energy technology that gives you complete peace of mind. Whether it is protecting your home or business, SolarEdge safety features lead the market with innovation and risk defence. SolarEdge DC optimised inverters hold an enviable safety record, and with their embedded SafeDC™ and arc fault detection technology, there is no better choice for safety.

If you want to see more information on SolarEdge’s enhanced safety features, you may read this white paper.

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