Why are SolarEdge inverters the #1 choice for homeowners?

When the technology exists for Brisbane homeowners to halve their power bill every quarter, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of competition! If you’re looking to go solar at home, you probably want to know who is the market leader and why. We’d like to tell you about SolarEdge inverters, and why more homeowners choose them over any other solar energy system in the world.

The SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter is one flexible system to meet every future homeowners needs.

What is an inverter?

An inverter is an essential part of a solar energy system. Essentially, an inverter takes electricity from a power source that produces ‘DC’ electricity, such as solar panels or a battery system, and converts it into mains-equivalent 230 volt ‘AC’ electricity ready for use in the home or business. Without an inverter, any solar energy generated is wasted.

This is why it is important to have a good-quality inverter. You don’t want to replace them too often, so it’s worthwhile getting a good, reliable one up-front.

SolarEdge is best known for pioneering the concept of a string inverter matched with individual ‘DC optimisers’ on each solar panel. These optimisers allow:

  • Individual panel monitoring
  • Individual panel optimisation (i.e. shade or dirt on one panel will not affect the other panels as in a conventional setup)
  • Rapid shutdown of panels in the case of an emergency
  • More energy generation over the lifetime of the system
  • A smaller string inverter because the Multi Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is all done at the panel.

Due to this efficient technology, SolarEdge’s inverters have earned a solid reputation for reliability and efficiency. They are also compliant with current remote shut down regulations and approved in a number of Virtual Power Plant (VPP) programs across Australia.

Let’s look at SolarEdge’s residential inverter technology more closely.

SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverter

SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverter.

The SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverter has game-changing design simplicity and is an ideal inverter for family homes. It features all of the traditional SolarEdge benefits (advanced safety, optimised production, and long-term warranties) while adding new levels of convenience by giving you easier designs and faster installations. It has record-breaking inverter efficiency which produces more energy for your home.

The HD-Wave Genesis facilitates easy installation with its maximum design flexibility allowing both outdoor and indoor installation. You can also use the SetApp on your phone to moderate the inverter without having to go outside and investigate the system while standing in the hot Aussie sun for half an hour. All SolarEdge inverters have a 12-year warranty, with the option to extend this warranty to 25 years. The HD-Wave Genesis Inverter is perfectly suited to Australian home conditions while providing a cost-effective energy solution for your home on any budget.

SolarEdge HD-Wave Genesis Inverter

SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter.

The SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter eliminates the struggle of finding an inverter that’s comprehensive, providing an energy storage solution to back up the entire home. The SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter with Prism Technology does it all. It is ready for battery and EV charging, and includes built-in energy monitoring. It provides the outstanding performance of HD-Wave and adds the convenience of StorEdge, giving homeowners a superior home backup solution for higher efficiency and greater flexibility.

The Energy Hub Inverter also provides panel-level monitoring, allowing you to view your system’s performance from your smartphone or laptop. The Energy Hub Inverter stays on, even when the grid is off. This provides the entire home with backup energy. You can control where this energy goes in your home and what appliances it will power. This allows you to track the energy usage and will allow you to reduce your bills with a built-in SolarEdge consumption meter. You can manage all of this from your phone with the mySolarEdge app from anywhere, at anytime.

The SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter is one flexible system to meet every future homeowners needs.

There is a SolarEdge Inverter to suit your residential needs.

To find out more about the SolarEdge inverter range and which solution would best suit your energy needs, simply call us today on 1300 76 89 77 or click here to contact us.


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