They’re black, rectangular and, well, all kind of look the same. However, solar panels have completely revolutionised how we see energy generation, and Australians are big fans – the biggest in the world, in fact.

Australia has the highest uptake of solar globally, with more than 2.68 million rooftop solar power systems installed in Australia in total, as of 31 December 2020. That means one in four homes have solar panels on their roof. So what makes SolarEdge solar panels any different from the (very similar-looking) competition?

As it turns out, a whole lot. Here are three things that make SolarEdge solar panels a fantastic choice when going solar.

#1 – SolarEdge uses Smart Panels.

SolarEdge’s Smart Panels are premium solar panels. Firstly, not all solar panels feature optimisers, which increase the overall energy output. Secondly, those that do have optimisers have them separate from their panels. However, unlike other solar panels which have their optimisers separate from their panels, SolarEdge has integrated their power optimisers into the panel.

This means that these panels function independently, so if one panel is shaded or dirty, it does not affect the energy generation of your other panels. It’s why they’re called Smart Panels!

SolarEdge Residential HD-Wave

#2 – SolarEdge solar panels generate more energy and save you money.

Another benefit of integrated power optimisers is that SolarEdge Smart Panels have greater energy production and faster installations, due to installers not having to install a separate optimiser. This in turn means installation savings for clients.

If you’re making the investment to go solar, you want each individual panel giving you optimal energy output, and you want it to be reliable and robust.

Their reliability is guaranteed by SolarEdge, with one of the most impressive warranties on the market. You get a 15-year panel warranty (significantly more than the industry average of 10 years) and a 25-year performance warranty. They have partnered with a tier 1 manufacturer to produce their panels, which additionally shows that the company has confidence in the longevity of their product which is great news for clients.

#3 Safe and stylish solar panels.

Your solar energy system is a large physical structure, with the panels covering a large area of your roof in all kinds of harsh Australian weather, so you want it to be safe, no matter what.

SolarEdge solar panels feature advanced safety protections, with automatic panel-level voltage shutdown. This protects people and property at all times.

In addition, SolarEdge Smart Panels not only deliver maximum safety, but also have an elegant black-frame design, making these panels smart, safe, and beautiful!

Supercharge your energy production with SolarEdge solar panels.

You may still have some questions about how SolarEdge energy solutions could work for your home or business. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 76 89 77, we know the SolarEdge range of products very well and would be very happy to answer all your questions.

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