Living in the sunshine state, you’ve probably already considered using a commercial solar power solution for your business.

You might have looked into what it is, how you could use it, and whether the savings outweigh the upfront cost of installation.

As electricity prices increase, solar becomes a cost-effective opportunity for you to take back control of your energy bills. With appropriate analysis and modelling, solar power could potentially help to reduce your electricity costs by up to 70%.

So, here’s what you need to know.


Why Install a Commercial Solar Power Plant?

In southeast Queensland, we have on average 280 days of sunshine every year. That’s 76% of our daytime hours in full sunlight.

With your commercial solar power plant – that is 280 days of free daytime electricity.

Depending on the size of your plant and if it’s been modelled correctly – there may even be times you generate more electricity than you consume, which you shoot back into the electricity network.

However, with advances in battery technology and the subsequent reduction in purchase costs, you’re now able to optimise any excess power generation with battery storage.

This ‘bonus’ energy could then supplement your power source on overcast days, during blackouts, or overnight, further reducing your reliance on the national network.


commercial solar plant in Brisbane
Take advantage of our copious amounts of sunshine and reduce your energy costs



What is Solar PV?

You’ll find solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roofs of businesses and homes in most parts of Australia. These high-tech solar PV panels effectively use the sun’s energy to generate electricity at the point of demand (onsite).

Without getting too technical – in a photovoltaic cell, sunlight creates electricity by knocking the outer electrons loose.

Some PV systems perform better than others, so do your research to make sure you’re buying a product with a superior energy harvesting system.


Cost Benefits of Installing Solar Panels.

Advances in technology have seen an 80% reduction in costs to build solar PV systems*. Solar is becoming more accessible than ever, and is a cost-effective solution for most commercial business owners.

However, the cost of each system will vary based on plant size, access to sunlight, and consumption needs.

We build our solar PV systems for maximum benefit to your business. We use data analysis and modelling to design a system that meets your current and future consumption needs and habits, and aligns with business objectives.

So then, as part of a wider energy management plan and tariff re-assignment, solar PV could help you reduce your electricity bills by up to 70%. And, we’re not just plucking that number from the air.

We recently built a system for a Sheet Metal Manufacturing business and within the first year, we were able to reduce their grid electricity bills by over $35k. This year they are projected to save over $52k with payment expected from export power back into the Energex network.

We also successfully re-negotiated their electricity tariff from Small Demand to Business Flat, which eliminated the kVA demand charge tariff.

This saw their business electricity bill drop by 70%. And, we’re just getting started on their results.


Is Solar Power Right for Your Business?

Before you start handing over your cash, it’s important you consider the size of your roof space and its access to sunlight, current and expected future energy use, budget, and how it will affect your electricity bill.

There are pros and cons depending on your specific situation.

If you think your commercial business could benefit from solar power, register your interest in our free energy audit.

We complete a thorough analysis and interpretation of your electricity data – and cost project against your future needs and environment.


Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance, The State of Play: presentation to the Carbon Market Institute Summit, 3 May 2016.


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