You probably don’t have the energy, or inclination, to read all the detail of Energex’s proposed new tariff structure. After all, they’ve used a very detailed methodology for determining network tariff structures and indicative rates over the period to 2025. But if you do, the full Tariff Structure Statement (TSS) 2020-25 can be found here.

We’re also here to pull out the important bits for you.
Throughout their 2018 and 2019 consultation, which is still taking place, Energex tells us that they’ve engaged a diverse range of customers and stakeholders in the development of their tariff reform pathway. Recognising the potential for impacts on their customers, they’re actively listened to community stakeholders, different customer segments, and industry partners to better understand what matters to them.

And what are the customers saying they want?

More S.A.S.S.


Energex is responding by confirming that their number one priority is safety, and that they’re committed to the people and communities they work with and support every day. Their continued aim is to be a leader in health, safety, environment and cultural heritage.


Energex is reacting to customers demanding lower bills, and they say that they’re committed to delivering this. They will also be moving to sustainable pricing structures for the future, continuing to build trust and transparency in how they minimise their costs, committing to minimising cross-subsidies for fairness, and providing social equity.


Energex is saying they will continue to do what their customers expect from an energy provider: keep the lights on, restore power in emergencies, and provide timely, affordable, and easy network connections.


As customers are pursuing sustainable futures for themselves and their families, they expect the companies they choose to share similar values. Energex is promising to facilitate energy transformation and customer choice, facilitate renewables, facilitate energy efficiency, and keep customers informed.

We like to interpret all of this as Energex aiming for a lot more customer SASSisfaction! We’ll also be keeping an eye on them to see how well they deliver on these pledges.

An energy ecosystem

From the business perspective, Energex is explaining to customers that the development of their latest TSS is coinciding with a period of change in the role of the network and the investment drivers it faces. They explain that the network is changing from a traditional deliverer of energy to an enabler of an ecosystem of distributed energy resources (DER).

They say that in response to this, the new tariff options being proposed are better aligned with these emerging network characteristics. So they’re introducing a new suite of cost-reflective ‘opt-in’ network tariff options for residential, small business, and large business customers that have a digital meter installed.

Energex says that this suite of tariffs is a crucial step in their commitment to network tariff reform while managing customer bill impact – and providing customers with choice in how they pay for using their network.

Metering customer’s energy needs

So listen up residential and small business customers! Because in order to exercise the greater choice that Energex is offering you in managing your annual network bill now and into the future, your access to these new tariffs depends on you having a digital meter.

Digital meters are capable of capturing the total energy used and providing the information required to measure demand and support the choice and control features of the new tariffs. So get in touch with your energy retailer to ask about your options, because many have already commenced the rollout of digital meters. For larger business customers, metering for tariffs of this nature has been introduced over the last several years.

Go any questions or feedback for us?

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