Network tariffs have changed.
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Energex will set network tariff pricing each regulatory year in it’s Pricing Proposal. Getting on the right tariff ensures your company will optimise running costs to a minimum, so you should re-assess your tariff each regulatory year.
Reducing your operating costs with solar
Installing solar for your business will reduce your consumption, allowing Energy Partners to help you access a cheaper tariff. And with our guidance, we’ll help you make the most of it. How?
Carbon Reduction
With big changes happening to the electricity network, we can move your business to the most cost-effective tariff, future proofing at least 30% of your energy costs with Green Energy generated on your roof.
Price Rise Mitigation
In the past, Queensland has seen energy prices rise between 150% - 200%. As ageing coal plants are retired, and the grid’s resources shift, we can help you protect your business from these potential price rises.
Instant Asset Write-off
With the government’s instant asset write-off extended until June 2023 for businesses with a turn over under $50M, we can help your business save up to $36,306 on the purchase of a 100kW solar system.
Demand Side Participation
We can help your business unlock the financial rewards for allowing VPP (virtual power plants) access to your solar and batteries to alleviate stress of the grid.
Saving you money through tariff optimisation
Ensuring your business is on the right tariff can mean significant savings. At Energy Partners, we will analyse your business’ electrical data to work out the right tariff for you.
Step 1 Understand how your tariff affects your costs
Tariffs combine the cost of delivering a safe and reliable supply of electricity to customers. It’s important to understand the complex tariff system and how reviewing tariffs affect your costs.
Step 2 Analysing the data
At Energy Partners, we extract and analyse your business’ electrical data and navigate the complex tariff system to provide you with a wholistic energy solution.
Step 3 Implementing savings strategies
Finally, we implement the latest energy savings technologies, such as solar installation, LED lighting and power factor correction, to reduce your business’ energy consumption.
We’ve helped countless businesses like yours reach energy independence
Through years of experience with tariff optimisation and solar installation, our mission has been to help Queensland businesses reach energy independence.
Low Usage Case Study
How we helped Precast Concrete
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System Installed:
99.96kW SolarEdge PV System with Synergy Technology & Power Factor Correction
Precast Concrete is a highly-specialised business with 50 years of experience in concrete manufacturing. However over the last five years, having moved onto a demand tariff, the company has been struggling with rising power costs. Now, having installed 99.96kW SolarEdge system with a PowerwoRx Clean Power System, Ian and the team at Precast Concrete are saving $40,985 a year on their energy bill.
Medium Usage Case Study
How we helped Samin Sheet Metal
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System Installed:
99.96kW SolarEdge PV System with Synergy Technology
Since 1974, Samin Sheet Metal have been building a reputation as Queensland’s sheet metal fabrication experts. Through Power Factor Correction and Solar Installation, Energy Partners have helped Samin save nearly $600,000 over 12 years – a huge amount for a company of 20 people.
High Usage Case Study
How we helped Marsh Alliance
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System Installed:
99.96kW SolarEdge PV Systems with Synergy Technology & Tariff Optimisation
When I sat down with Adam and we looked at his electricity bills, he didn't know we could look at his tariff. When we work with commercial and industrial clients we analyse their interval data and create load profiling to visualise how they use energy. This gives us the ability to optimise their tariff arrangement and secure deeper cost savings to make better financial sense.
Annual Energy Costs
Instant asset write-off
Tax Depreciation
GST Refund

Long Term Savings
First Year
Consecutive Year
Projected figures over 12 years
Energy for the future
Long term savings at a low cost per kWh
"I would highly recommend you guys, you just need someone you can trust"
Ian Coulter, Managing Director
Another great design to suit energy usage profile and maximise savings, ,
Energy for the future
Long term savings at a low cost per kWh
"We are now looking at the future, what can we do to save more money"
Wade Samin, General Manager
Future energise your business with a renewable source of power, ,
Energy for the future
Long term savings at a low cost per kWh
"To know that you can work with your tariff to get some savings, is something I didn't know. None of the other providers offered the tariff optimisation"
Adam | General Manager
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About Energy Partners
When it comes to solar, we’re the business
We understand that when you run a professional business, you only want to do business with other professionals. As the power experts, we have the knowledge and the know-how to guide you from tariff optimisation to solar installations, to pricing, and beyond.
Energy Independence
At Energy Partners, our mission is to give more businesses energy independence. For us, that means working with your business to find a solar solution that’s sustainable and innovative but also practical.
First Class Expertise
With years of experience in tariff optimisation, commercial solar, storage and energy saving solutions, there’s no one in the local market who can match our level of expertise.
Solar you can trust
Energy Partners are the solar company your business can trust. We have built our reputation by getting you the right hardware, great service and straight forward advice, all at a decent price.

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