Three Reasons Why We’re The Best Brisbane Solar for Early Childhood Education Centres.

Electricity bills can put a lot of stress on businesses, including child care centres. When you have everything necessary running, such as air conditioning, refrigerators, computers, and lights, it all adds up every quarter. If you’re a child care centre looking to cut costs, we’re confident that we are the best Brisbane solar for you.

The three things that makes us the ideal choice for early childhood education (ECE) centres are:

1. Our solar energy for child care package saves you at least 50% off your power bill and as much as 88%

2. The educational extras included for centres that go solar with us

3. Our unique child-care-friendly installation practices

We go above and beyond for ECE – here’s how.

Life-changing Solar Savings.

Having thousands of dollars back in their pockets each quarter allows our early education clients to:

  • relax about centre running costs,
  • spend that money in other important areas, and
  • create long-term plans for these ongoing savings.

We shared the case study of Sunny Hills child care centre in Brisbane, and their wonderful result of an 88% reduction in their power bills thanks to their Energy Partners system and solar energy plan.

Their power bill started at $2,433 for the quarter, which was an unsustainable amount for the centre. We installed their solar system, and they saw their bill drop to just $291.46, which is an 88% saving.

Just imagine – at the very least you’ll be saving 50% off your power bill every quarter. What would you do with the extra money?

Educational Benefits.

There are so many things that are best demonstrated to be understood. One of those is how solar power works. This is why every one of our ECE clients receives a package of fun and educational extras to give the kids ownership of their solar energy.

Our child care package includes an interactive presentation for kids to get excited about their new solar energy system. These presentations are done by one of our solar energy experts, who is able to answer any questions the kids may have. We bring a solar panel for kids to look at and touch – like a show and tell! We have also put together activity booklets that encourage the kids to think about sustainable energy and how their centre is now generating its own power.

In addition, as part of the child care package, we install a permanent digital kiosk at the centre so everyone can see how their solar panels are performing. It’s a wonderful talking point and educational opportunity for the kids, parents and educators. Bold graphics and colours illustrate energy production, and the kids can see how turning on appliances affects energy use.

The impact of these features is greatly appreciated by our ECE clients, who report on the learning benefits for their young environmental stewards. We believe that these early life lessons have lifelong impacts for the children.

Best Brisbane Solar Installation – Quick, Quiet, and Efficient.

From the babies’ room to the older kids’ rooms, we understand that you can’t have a noisy, drawn-out installation disrupting rest, play, and learning. This is why we have developed installation practices specifically for child care centres. Our in-house installation team reduces their equipment noises, such as eliminating impact drivers.

We consult with each centre we work with to find out how to provide optimal savings according to their unique energy use. Our system configurations take into account the centre’s operating hours and energy use to make optimal use of produced solar power, resulting in the largest savings possible.

Finally, all Energy Partners staff are Blue Card holders, which is not only great during installation, but afterwards, when delivering the educational extras to the centre.

We’re Ready to Give You Solar Savings!

In addition to our child-care-specific benefits, we strive to be the best Brisbane solar team in every area. After installation, our clients are permanently connected to our in-house monitoring platform, so we are constantly monitoring the performance of solar panels. We know if even one of your panels is under-performing, and how to fix it. Often it just needs a clean to be back to 100%! As part of our first-rate after-care, we follow up on bills to make sure your Energy Partners solar system is performing at its best – after 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and beyond.

We know it’s a big claim to say we’re the best Brisbane solar for child care centres, but we say it with good reason. The significant and ongoing financial savings, the educational benefits, and the tailored installation are all big advantages for our ECE clients.

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Could your home or business do with lower power bills and an energy solution that is going to give you clean, reliable energy for years and years? Get in touch with us for an energy assessment to find out how much you could save. Use our contact form here, or give us a call on 1300 768 977.


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