Solar energy has developed to a point where it is reliable and safe, from small residential setups to vast solar projects.

However, there are still critics who ask more and more from solar, and luckily, the solar energy industry is more than up to the challenge. In fact, global leaders such as Canadian Solar invest millions each year into advancing its solar power technology. Their impressive Research and Development (R&D) team keeps setting the bar higher and higher, and it is fascinating to explore where they will be taking solar in the coming years.

A Focus on Better.

Canadian Solar boasts 595 experienced researchers in their R&D department. They have 2,016 authorised patents worldwide until the end of 2020, and are focused on progressing PV research on solar cells, solar panels, and overall systems.

In the last four years, Canadian Solar has drastically increased its investment in R&D. They reported spending approximately 45.17 million US dollars on research and development in the fiscal year of 2020, more than doubling their R&D spending from just four years earlier. All this investment and hard work has paid off. They have developed solar panels that produce up to 670 W of power. They regularly break world records for solar panel efficiency. In 2020, they announced that their technology team set a world record of 23.81% conversion efficiency for n-type large area multi-crystalline silicon solar cell. And they just keep improving those numbers, which is great news for consumers.

Canadian Solar research and development

Supporting the Next Generation of Solar Innovators.

Not only are Canadian Solar focused on the year-on-year improvement of solar power tech, but also the advances that will come decades into the future. In January 2015, Canadian Solar contributed $400,000 to the University of Toronto’s TalentEdge Program to support scientific development, cutting-edge research, and hands-on learning. Canadian Solar’s founder, Dr Shawn Qu, is an alumnus of the University, and this support is a great sign of optimism in the future of solar tech.

Choose Superior Tech with Canadian Solar.

When you build your solar power system with Canadian Solar, you get robust, advanced technology that works hard to obtain maximum energy for you. Make the most of your solar investment. Get in touch today to find out more about Canadian Solar or to book your free design consultation.

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