How we helped JDN Monocrane.

System Details.
Total System Size
73.26 kW
Estimated Annual Production
118.39 MWh
Estimated Carbon Offsets
46.40 t
Trees Planted Annually
System Overview.
PV Modules

When we first started talking with Tim he didn't realise that the business was getting close to the demand tariff, as their annual consumption was 93,240-kWh's.
The business was on a flat kilowatt hour rate, so we need a solution to keep them below the 100,000-kWh threshold and avoid the demand tariff at all costs.

Their bills were reasonable consistent each month and around $1,987.00

As the business started early in the morning and run most of the daylight hours, incorporating a solar solution was going to provide a great return

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If you are running your business during the day, solar power is fantastic

Saving you money through tariff optimization.

Through years of experience with tariff optimisation and solar installation, our mission has been to help Queensland businesses reach energy independence. Ensuring your business is on the right tariff can mean significant savings. At Energy Partners, we will analyse your business’ electrical data to work out the right tariff for you.
Energy for the future

Long term savings at a low cost per kWh.

Cost per kilowatt hour.
Generated by Solar
Yearly energy savings.
Customised design to suit energy usage profile, ,

Solar Design.

Utilising the SolarEdge Designer we pull in the solar irradiance data to help with the annual solar yield and estimated energy production. In all of our designs we allow for soiling as well as Light Induced Degradation (LID) - this is degradation of the panels in the first operating hours in respect to the STC values.
This design took advantage of the eastern roof facet as the business starts early in the morning, so self consumption of the solar is optimised.


When we heard that JDN Monocrane had been very busy with orders, they were looking for a solution to drive down energy costs and become more sustainably by reducing their carbon emissions. They had been offered cheaper priced quotes and when we spoken to them about the SolarEdge Solution together with the monitoring and great warranties it gave them confidence to stay away from the entry level inverter technology. With Energy Partners Retailer Comparison capabilities together with the monitoring installed, Tim at JDN Monocrane has still been busy with new business, Tim has peace of mind knowing we are looking after his system for any faults and/or issues

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