How we helped Oldmac Mazda.

System Details.
Total System Size
99.2 kW
Estimated Annual Production
162.58 MWh
Estimated Carbon Offsets
63.73 t
Trees Planted Annually
System Overview.
PV Modules

This was the fourth project we had done with the Oldmac Group and this was a new building they had constructed with Multi Span.

We used the roof layout drawing from Multi Span to design the system and estimate the savings potential.

It was important to make sure when the building was ready to energise, the correct tariff structure had been arranged to maximise the solar system installation.

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Utilising the architect drawings we can build your solar system and estimate the potential for energy reduction

Saving you money through tariff optimization.

Through years of experience with tariff optimisation and solar installation, our mission has been to help Queensland businesses reach energy independence. Ensuring your business is on the right tariff can mean significant savings. At Energy Partners, we will analyse your business’ electrical data to work out the right tariff for you.
Energy for the future

Long term savings at a low cost per kWh.

Cost per kilowatt hour.
Generated by Solar
Yearly energy savings.

Solar Design.

Utilising the SolarEdge Designer we pull in the solar irradiance data to help with the annual solar yield and estimated energy production. In all of our designs we allow for soiling as well as Light Induced Degradation (LID) - this is degradation of the panels in the first operating hours in respect to the STC values.
This design has utlised the architect drawing and we built the site in a 3D model. This allows us to accurately place the solar panels and giving us the building height and angle of the roof


When the Chief Financial Officer told us about the new Dealership, we were please to help them to develop an energy strategy before the business was energised and connected to the Energex Network. By understanding the equipment that goes in to these Dealerships and the hours of operation, we at Energy partners can develop load profiling. This allows us to optimise the metering connection and tariff selection with Energex and maximise the savings potential from the first day the business starts to operate.

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