Medium Usage PROJECT

How we helped Precast Concrete.

System Details.
Total System Size
99.96 kW
Estimated Annual Production
155.09 MWh
Estimated Carbon Offsets
60.76 t
Trees Planted Annually
System Overview.
PV Modules

After meeting with Ian, he was struggling with their power costs after they have been moved onto the demand tariff.
He was very sceptical what is was all about.

Energy Partners made the offer to install power factor to reduce their kVA Demand costs. This gave Ian the confidence in our the ability to reduce their bills.

We then made the offer to Precast Concrete to install a Commercial Solar system into their Brisbane facility and LED High-bay Lights to reduce their energy consumption and this was designed to move them away from the kVA Demand Tariff and simplify their costs.

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Saving you money through tariff optimization.

Through years of experience with tariff optimisation and solar installation, our mission has been to help Queensland businesses reach energy independence. Ensuring your business is on the right tariff can mean significant savings. At Energy Partners, we will analyse your business’ electrical data to work out the right tariff for you.
Energy for the future

Long term savings at a low cost per kWh.

Cost per kilowatt hour.
Generated by Solar
Yearly energy savings.
Annual cost rate

Solar Design.

Utilising the SolarEdge Designer we pull in the solar irradiance data to help with the annual solar yield and estimated energy production. In all of our designs we allow for soiling as well as Light Induced Degradation (LID) - this is degradation of the panels in the first operating hours in respect to the STC values.
This design was modelled to match the energy load profile of the business. 2/3's of the array have been tilted facing north and on the eastern building facet, to match the early morning starts from the factory production. 1/3 of the array is on the western building facet to capture production to cater from the administration building in the afternoon.


This project is a classic example of the how to provide and engineered solution. From improving the power factor at the metering point to improving and reducing their high-bay lighting throughout the factory. This site had been moved to the kVA demand tariff in 2015 and the costs really shot up. We chose to utilise the SolarEdge integrated PV equipment to provide high transparency of system performance and Safe-DC enables panel shutdown to 1 volt DC when the inverter is not operating. Potential faults are reported, detected and located through the SolarEdge monitoring portal allowing effective preventative maintenance. The SolarEdge DC Optimised inverter maximises power generation at the individual panel-level while lowering the cost of energy production by the PV system for a higher return on investment.

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