How we helped Redland Bay Roof Trusses.

System Details.
Total System Size
56.52 kW
Estimated Annual Production
88.40 MWh
Estimated Carbon Offset/yr
Trees Planted Annually
System Overview.
PV Modules

Redland Bay Roof Trusses is a family owned business that’s been running since 1988. As a company, they have a strong sustainability focus, and wanted to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible.

After working out their energy needs, we took a two stage approach. Firstly, we installed a 19.8kW SolarEdge PV Three Phase System over their office using the 30K instant asset right-off. The following financial year, we increased their capacity by 36.72kW, again, using the instant asset write-off to ensure the best payoff for their investment.

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Cost per kilowatt hour.
Generated by solar
Yearly energy savings.

Solar Design.

Utilising the SolarEdge Designer we pull in the solar irradiance data to help with the annual solar yield and estimated energy production. In all of our designs we allow for soiling as well as Light Induced Degradation (LID) - this is degradation of the panels in the first operating hours in respect to the STC values.
This design works really well, because we were able to mount the panels on the east, north and west facet. This means the solar generation matches the office usage load - air conditioner to produce the best self consumption of the solar generation


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