Medium Usage PROJECT

How we helped Samin Metal.

System Details.
Total System Size
99.36 kW
Estimated Annual Production
149.95 MWh
Estimated Carbon Offsets
119.96 t
Trees Planted Annually
System Overview.
PV Modules

After meeting with Wade, we discovered they had already installed the LED High bay Lights and a power factor correction device to drive down their peak demand energy costs down.
We completed a detailed data analysis and load profiling which identified their kVA demand was for only a short period of time.

We looked at a commercial solar power system on the demand tariff and the payback was too long. Wade wanted a solution to move them away from the kVA demand tariff and this is where tariff optimisation really worked for their business.

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We needed a solution to get us off the kVA Demand Tariff and simplify my cost

Saving you money through tariff optimization.

Through years of experience with tariff optimisation and solar installation, our mission has been to help Queensland businesses reach energy independence. Ensuring your business is on the right tariff can mean significant savings. At Energy Partners, we will analyse your business’ electrical data to work out the right tariff for you.
Energy for the future

Long term savings at a low cost per kWh.

Cost per kilowatt hour.
Generated by Solar
Yearly energy savings.
Annual cost rate

Solar Design.

Utilising the SolarEdge Designer we pull in the solar irradiance data to help with the annual solar yield and estimated energy production. In all of our designs we allow for soiling as well as Light Induced Degradation (LID) - this is degradation of the panels in the first operating hours in respect to the STC values.
This design has utlised the full north side roof space available and we were able to fit the system on with enough space between rows for the operational cleaning of the panels as required.


This project is along the Logan Motorway, where it can be quite dusty from the traffic each day. We have utilised the Canadian Solar embedded panels, connected to the SolarEdge Inverters. SolarEdge panel level monitoring is designed to track performance of each panel and will allow the owner to identify when cleaning is required. We have made sure that the solar panels have enough service gaps between rows to cater for maintenance.

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