Whether you’re considering going solar for residential or commercial use, you probably want to get a system that is robust and ready to take on a big workload. You want it to thrive under harsh Brisbane conditions and deliver plenty of energy to slash your power bill. Canadian Solar delivers in all those areas – and it can prove it on the biggest scale, with Canadian Solar large projects operating all around Australia. To put it into perspective, a large residential solar energy system can be around 15kW (kilowatt). The projects we’re about to review range from 17.4 MW (megawatts) to a vast 333.48 MW. And they all use Canadian Solar componentry.

Longreach Solar Farm.

Located outside of the Queensland town of Longreach, Canadian Solar has developed the Longreach Solar Farm. This 17.4 MW solar photovoltaic project is comprised of a whopping 51,330 Canadian Solar MaxPower CS6U-335/340M panels, and began commercial operation in May 2018.

Longreach Solar Farm has an annual system output of 39,960 MW, and saves 22,000kg of CO2 emissions annually. This project is crucial in building Australia’s experience in planning and building large scale solar PV, revolutionising how Australian homes are powered. The multiple opportunities and benefits that the Longreach Solar Farm presents to the local and broader communities are part of Canadian Solar’s ongoing commitment to making a difference.

Throughout the planning and development stages, Canadian Solar committed to in-depth community engagement. They hosted multiple community consultation events to provide information, hear and address concerns, and to offer employment and partnership opportunities to the local community. This commitment to meaningful engagement allows the local community to benefit more fully from the solar project. This project will have additional flow-on benefits as solar energy continues to grow in regional Australia. For context, the QLD government is striving to meet its renewable energy target of 50% renewable energy by 2030.

The experience gained during the development of the Longreach solar project will allow those involved to be instrumental in the continual growth of this industry in the region. Longreach Solar Farm has also been beneficial to land owner and grazier James Walker, who became involved in the project to diversify his operations during the drought, providing an alternate income source that can help protect farmers against the unpredictability of climate change.


Oakey Solar Farm.

As big as the Longreach Canadian Solar project is, the one in Oakey, Queensland, dwarves it. It is a 100MW utility solar plant, using over 90,000 Canadian Solar Dual Cell KU solar panels. It was installed in July 2018 and powers approximately 8,000 Aussie homes.

Projects of this scale are important for several reasons. They demonstrate the very real electricity that can be generate to power thousands of homes and businesses. They also demonstrate to customers that the Canadian Solar technology they are investing in is trusted for the largest projects and the harshest conditions. Importantly, they also accelerate Australia’s shift to sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy.


Finley Solar Farm.

Not to be outdone, south of the border, New South Wales can also boast of a very large Canadian Solar project. The Finley Solar Farm is a huge 175 MW utility solar farm. It powers approximately 60,000 Australian homes, and in 2018 was Australia’s largest ever corporate solar Power Purchase Agreement, with BlueScope steel receiving 66% of the electricity produced by the solar farm. Canadian Solar worked with Signal Energy to carry out the engineering, procurement, and construction of the project. Once again, this demonstrates the trust the largest developers have in Canadian Solar.


Darlington Point Solar Farm.

We wanted to review large projects using Canadian Solar componentry, so we are going to finish with the biggest and the latest. The Darlington Point Solar Farm has a mammoth 333.48 MW system capacity. It was installed in 2020 and used nearly one million Canadian Solar 3W-P and 3W-PB-AG high efficiency solar panels.

The Darlington Point Solar Farm generates 685,000 MWh per annum of energy for approximately 115,000 households. It saves an astonishing 154,147 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

Canadian Solar large projects deliver and huge savings.

Canadian Solar technology is a part of the clean energy solution, whether in residential, commercial, or large projects. It is a tried and tested brand, particularly here in Australia, where they have set up a strong base and continue to carry out their tech testing. If it can survive here, it can survive anywhere!

Get the proven efficiency and durability of Canadian Solar working for you. Talk to our team and book in your free design consultation so you not only find out what it will look like on your roof, but how much you’ll save!

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