Running a successful business inevitably incurs a long list of costs, including paying for electricity. Many commercial customers accept paying tens of thousands of dollars a year on their power bills, but actually, this does not have to be the case. In fact, we work with businesses every day to reduce their power bills by 50%, 60%, or even 70%! A combination of exceptional solar technology, such as Canadian Solar componentry, and our expertise, can transform your bottom line.

A little Canadian goes a long way.

Going solar makes great business sense. What doesn’t make business sense these days, is being entirely reliant on the grid for your power. Unexpected fluctuations and outages are bound to happen, not to mention the inevitable rising electricity prices. As business owners, disruptions and expenses like these can cause delays, budget blowouts, and stress.

The great news is that there are commercial-specific solar energy systems that can be tailored precisely to your requirements. No matter the size of your roof, your building’s design, or even your budget (payment options available), we can design a solar energy system that will generate abundant, reliable, clean energy for your business. Canadian Solar provides a wide range of solar energy system components that cater for your commercial needs. From solar panels to inverters, they have systems for small and large projects.


Canadian Solar at Genesis Christian College.

Energy Partners worked with Genesis Christian College to customise a design that would improve on a substandard previous design. Unfortunately, we see this often, and it was our privilege to provide a system that the College was thrilled with.

We used 272 Canadian Solar 365 watt KuMax commercial solar panels as the fundamental element of this install. Their system size was 99.28kW, which generates 161.67 MWh of power for the College every year. This offsets 129.34 tonnes of carbon, which is the equivalent of planting 1,891 trees.

This system is saving the College $11,901 every year, which are funds that they can now spend on other projects and resources. By using the site interval data we were able to accurately estimate the annual energy savings for this project. Once the system was installed it was immediate savings and the College could watch their system daily to see the effect it was having on their operational costs.

Canadian Solar at Samin Metal.

Another commercial project, we used Canadian Solar panels at Samin Sheet Metal. Samin had already installed LED high bay lights and a power factor correction device to drive down their peak demand energy costs, which was a great start. However, after completing a detailed data analysis and load profiling, we identified opportunities to drive down their energy costs even further.

We used 380 Canadian Solar 365 watt KuMax commercial solar panels on this installation. Their system size was 99.36kW, which generates 149.95 MWh of power for Samin every year. This offsets 119.96 tonnes of carbon, which is the equivalent of planting 1,754 trees.

This system and tariff optimisation is saving Samin Metal $51,690 every year. Watch Wade from Samin Sheet Metal talk about his experience with Energy Partners and the Canadian Solar energy system in the video above.

Trust Energy Partners and Canadian Solar.

These are just two of the many projects where Canadian Solar componentry has transformed operations for our commercial clients. Our design team works hard to assess each project from all angles so we can provide you with the best solar solutions for your business and budget. We analyse your electrical data so we can determine the right tariff for you to ensure maximum savings. While our installation team do a superb job, so everything works perfectly, for many years to come.

We have been using Canadian Solar components for many years and trust their technology and manufacturing processes – we want to give our commercial clients the best.

Call us to find out more about what a Canadian Solar energy system could do for your business.

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