What makes SolarEdge inverters the pioneers of solar?

A solar energy inverter is the centre of your clean energy production system. It controls the efficiency of your energy harvesting and use, and it should always be the most important component you consider when going solar. For the most technologically advanced inverters that give you ultimate control of your power use, you can’t go past SolarEdge inverters.

SolarEge – Innovators in Solar.

In 2006, SolarEdge invented an intelligent inverter solution that changed the way solar power is harvested and managed in PV systems. This has offered more and better benefits in comparison with traditional inverters. The commercial solution included panel optimisation that induced more energy, and longer strings which reduced BoS cost (this refers to the Balance of System, which refers to the cost of all the components of a solar energy system except the photovoltaic panels). SolarEdge technology also enhanced operations and maintenance for module-level monitoring, and enhanced safety. This made way for the impressive shipment of more than 4.7 GW of its DC optimised inverter solution, and the installation of their PV systems in more than 100 countries, making SolarEdge rise to the top 3 global inverter manufacturers.

SolarEdge Energy Hub

How Have SolarEdge Improved on Traditional Inverters?

Compared to traditional inverters, SolarEdge offers full roof utilisation which maximises PV power production out of roof space. Each panel also provides maximum power which is not offered by traditional inverters as they get easily affected by the smallest factors, such as dirty and shaded panels.

SolarEdge inverters also provide exceptional oversight. Owners can easily understand and monitor the performance of each panel so they know they are getting the best out of their investment. Using a SolarEdge monitoring portal, energy production problems can be detected in “two clicks”. Modules voltage is also measured remotely so alerts and underperforming modules are pointed out in a virtual site map for accurate maintenance, remote troubleshooting and increased system uptime. This monitoring portal means that technicians are not sent out unnecessarily.

SolarEdge also set superior safety standards through automatic shutting down of high DC voltage during installation, maintenance and emergency. This is to comply with the UL1699B arc detection standard to mitigate the effects of some arc faults that may pose a risk of fire. SolarEdge solutions always meet and often exceed the most advanced safety standards.

The SolarEdge optimised DC inverter solutions also enable higher system lifetime value by increasing revenue and reducing installation and maintenance costs. Though they have a higher initial cost compared to traditional inverters, SolarEdge inverters are economically attractive throughout their system lifetime with their lower installation cost that includes the BoS components, as well as the lifetime operations and maintenance cost. The SolarEdge system also works at a fixed string voltage, which allows the connection of much longer strings compared to traditional inverters. Longer strings lead to a reduction in cabling cost as well as ease of design and installation.

Put a SolarEdge Inverter in Charge.

If you have any questions about what a SolarEge inverter could do for your home or business energy production, we are ready to take your call or schedule a free energy assessment for you. Give us a buzz on 1300 76 89 77 today!

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