Make the most of the solar you generate! Instead of selling the additional solar, you don’t consume back to the grid, so why not store it to use for later? Installing a SolarEdge Home Battery enables you to store the excess solar energy generated during the day into the battery which then, can be used at night instead of consuming energy from the grid. Now providing you with clean energy to run your home day and night.

Here are 3 reasons why you should install a SolarEdge Home Battery:

1. Whole House Backup with a SolarEdge Home Battery.

Peace of mind knowing that you have a whole-house backup in the event of a power blackout, providing power when you need it the most. Two pain points of a power blackout are food being spoilt and not being able to run/charge devices. We all live busy lives and don’t want to be inconvenienced by grid interruptions or power blackouts for days. When you install a SolarEdge Home Battery and Backup Interface to your solar system you can relax knowing that you are able to run your home on the power of the sun for days on end and not have to worry about a power blackout again.


2. Reduce Your Electricity Costs.

Reduce your reliance on the grid and lower your electricity bills. Make the most of your solar system and store the excess electricity that is produced during the day into your SolarEdge Home Battery. Utilising the solar energy stored in the battery at night provides you with more energy independence and reduces your reliance on the grid.

While the 10-kilowatt-hour battery has 9.7 kilowatt-hours of usable storage. The average household consumes well under 10-kilowatt-hours at night. Providing that your solar system is large enough to regularly fully charge the SolarEdge Home Battery, a typical household can potentially eliminate most of their grid electricity consumption and their power bills.

In light of this, for those households where 9.7 kilowatt-hours of energy storage isn’t enough, additional batteries can be installed. The ability to add up to 3 SolarEdge Home Batteries to your system with the Energy Hub Inverter and DC Combiner Box. The SolarEdge system also enables you to grow your system over time as your needs change.

3. Get Paid to Generate Clean Energy.

Get paid to generate clean energy with the ability to connect to Virtual Power Plants (VPP). First of all, what is a VPP? A VPP is a network of homes with battery storage linked through smart technology to help stabilise the power grid.

If generating your own clean energy wasn’t fulfilling enough the added bonus is that if you sign up to be a part of a VPP program, most programs are rewarding their customers for their clean energy. Chat with our energy specialists on 1300 768 977 for more information on the VPP programs available.

Additionally, the sophisticated oversizing technology enables you to add extra solar panels to your current solar system. Allowing you to power your home and charge the battery simultaneously while also accessing larger government rebates. Surprisingly, you are able to oversize your solar system by 5-kilowatts when adding a SolarEdge Home Battery. This is to allow for rapid battery charging. Basically, on the one inverter, you can connect your solar panels and battery allowing you to run 11.6-kilowatts on a 5-kilowatt inverter enabling you to maximise your energy production.


TradeUp Offer For The SolarEdge Home Battery.

The SolarEdge Home Battery can be added to existing solar systems that have a compatible SolarEdge inverter. Currently, SolarEdge has a special TradeUp offer for a limited time when you purchase a SolarEdge Home Battery with Backup Interface you will receive the latest SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter for FREE by simply trading in your old SolarEdge inverter*.

*Conditions apply. Applicable only for single-phase properties with an existing SolarEdge inverter. For more information visit SolarEdge TradeUp.

Your Energy Partner.

Energy Partners are proud SolarEdge Preferred Partners. We work with our customers to find solar and battery solutions that meet the customer’s needs and that are sustainable, innovative and practical. This is why hundreds of Brisbane and South East Queenslanders have trusted us to complete their solar and battery installs.

Get in touch with us on 1300 76 89 77 to discuss how a comprehensive SolarEdge solar system could be the answer to your energy needs.

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