SolarEdge has earned an international reputation for innovation, and excellence and continually raising the bar for the solar energy industry. If you’re considering installing solar on your home and want a comprehensive premium system, you need to seriously consider a complete SolarEdge system.

Below outlines the key benefits of installing a comprehensive residential SolarEdge solar energy system.

Work with one single supplier.

To achieve maximum performance, all SolarEdge components work intuitively together. SolarEdge Smart Panels are designed with an elegant black frame and pre-assembled with a power optimiser that can provide real-time data for current and voltage adjustments. The Smart Panels are connected to the brains of the system – the SolarEdge inverter. You can choose either a SolarEdge Genesis or Energy Hub inverter, both boasting SolarEdge’s exceptional energy efficiency and user-friendly interface.

Looking to add a battery? The SolarEdge Energy Hub Inverter can manage system production, battery power, EV charging and smart energy device control which makes use of excess solar energy to power pool pumps and other home appliances. When solar energy is not available, the SolarEdge Home Battery stores unused solar energy inside its battery. It is also ideal to use as backup power during outages.

Easy, local customer support.

SolarEdge was founded in 2006 and invented intelligent inverter solutions that revolutionised the way solar power is harvested and used in homes and businesses. Even though they are a global leader in solar energy, they have created a solid presence here in Australia with 45 staff members.

They are so well respected internationally, in fact, that they boast myriad awards recognising their innovation and superior performance.

Trusted brand.

SolarEdge is a leader in smart energy technology. They are best known for their relentless focus on innovation and outstanding engineering capabilities. SolarEdge technology has been recognised as New Product of the Year 2018, Edison Awards in Gold, 2018 Stratus Award, Cleanie Awards 2018, Top Product for Energy Manager Today Award, 2020 PV Magazine Award and Green Innovations of the Year in the 2021 Green Builder Sustainability Award. They offer quality products and solutions that last a long time and perform better than other traditional solar energy systems. Currently, SolarEdge systems have been installed in more than 130 countries across five continents.

Complete oversight with the SolarEdge App.

Another major advantage of choosing a complete SolarEdge system is the mySolarEdge app. It is a free monitoring app that can be used by residential and commercial solar system owners to track and monitor energy production and consumption in real-time. It can also be used to control smart home devices, remote EV charging, and check battery storage. In addition, the new self-service capabilities of this app can help system owners to resolve standard system issues without the need to rely on their installers, reducing the time it takes for issues to be resolved.

Complete SolarEdge System

Total control with the complete SolarEdge system.

The advantages of choosing a full SolarEdge energy solution are significant. They save you money, put you in full control, and make your life easier. To see exactly what a complete SolarEdge system would look like at your home or business, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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