SolarEdge Energy Bank: New Home Battery with More Power and Less Cost.

One of the most exciting opportunities offered by going solar is being able to capture and store energy in your own solar battery. The sun’s bountiful rays, especially in Brisbane and South East Queensland, charge up your battery during the day, so you have ample power at night. With the SolarEdge Energy Bank, it really is as good as it sounds.

Much More Than a Solar Battery.

The SolarEdge Energy Bank gives you more efficiency and power and is designed to work with our award-winning SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter for more energy, savings, and independence. With the most efficient Solar + Storage Platform in the market today, you can expect maximised solar use all year round. The SolarEdge Energy Bank provides consistent and uninterrupted power for homeowners. Thanks to its industry-leading 94.5% efficiency, you can now enjoy solar energy at a lesser cost. Choosing a complete SolarEdge system really multiplies your benefits, not to mention the backing of SolarEdge, the world’s number one solar provider.

The SolarEdge Energy Bank has a unique, DC-coupled technology so if ever an outage occurs, it only requires one power conversion. It has an adaptive power boost feature that has a maximised system performance, sending more energy to the grid as it simultaneously charges its battery. It can also deliver energy even on just one battery and power larger home appliances for long periods of time.

Great design flexibility is another impressive feature of the SolarEdge Energy Bank. Its integrated design provides a simple plug-and-play installation with pre-installed meters and CTs allowing a huge cut down on your battery install time and lengthy switchboard upgrades. The design supports more solar, storage, EV charging and smart energy add-ons that can be monitored and managed by a single app (the free mySolarEdge app) for optimised solar production, consumption and backup power.

Energy Bank

Ultimate Peace-Of-Mind and Control for You.

When you choose SolarEdge, you’re not only choosing premium solar energy componentry, but also exceptional service so you can relax and enjoy your abundant, clean energy. The SolarEdge Energy Bank comes with the standard, excellent SolarEdge offering for residential clients: a single point of contact for warranty and support with simplified logistics and operations and multiple safety features for battery protection at all times. It is also built for indoor, outdoor, floor, or wall mount options. It is designed entirely with the customer in mind.

Work with One Single Supplier.

Save money, harvest and sustainable energy, and embrace the latest solar tech innovation with the SolarEdge Energy Bank. If you have any questions about any SolarEdge products, or to see what a system would look like on your home, book now for a free design consultation with our experienced team at Energy Partners.

Get in touch with us on 1300 76 89 77 to discuss how a comprehensive SolarEdge solar system could be the answer to your energy needs.

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