Technology takes swift forward leaps to meet our needs. Before you know it, what you were wishing for today, might just become the next innovation tomorrow. This year, Canadian Solar was able to boost its position in the global distributed generation market due to its production of improved solar panels. The company has consistently worked and strived to provide a clean and green energy supply for both residential and commercial needs. And now, they’re about to launch a new generation of solar panels, the HiHero 6. We attended their preview webinar to find out more about this solar panel.

What is the HiHero 6?

At the Canadian Solar webinar, specifically for the Australian market, we found out about the benefits that the new HiHero 6 solar panel technology will offer customers. The HiHero 6 is Canadian Solar’s first N-type HJ-T PV solar panel which has been in development for over 30 months. Canadian Solar raised its own – already very high – bar, and delivered a solar panel that can provide 425W of power. This will give Australian consumers the best technical competence on the market and outstanding energy efficiency.

Canadian Solar pushed the efficiency of this residential-style module up to 22%. It also has a bifaciality factor of 90% which makes it easier and more adaptable when installing. A back sheet has been placed in the product to prevent concerns of sunlight entering from behind. This means that all the light that misses the cells will be captured in between and hit the wide part of the back sheet so it gets reflected into its bifacial side and gets absorbed by the cells. The result is greater energy capture for customers. This solar panel can be flipped and still perform the same. It has a thin layer that helps diffuse light and increases temperature performance without losing much power in high temperatures. The double-glass design shows excellent reliability, holding up to a 25-year workmanship warranty and 30-year linear power performance warranty. As we’ve detailed here, a Canadian Solar warranty is guaranteed, so an investment with their products is more secure.

Australia’s Role in Developing the Hihero 6.

Australia played a central role to this advanced technology. Much of the research into developing the new HiHero 6 panel happened here, fundamentally influencing the research and development of the solar panel. This was a strategic decision for Canadian Solar, as they wanted to test their new solar panel in both harsh climates and special conditions, which Australia has plenty of. This was how Canadian Solar made sure that their product would perform admirably across its global markets. When the market demanded a more robust solar panel, Canadian Solar developed the HiHero 6 to answer the market’s feedback! Canadian Solar ran field tests, installing HiHero 6 solar panels in Australia, South America, and Europe, and running comparisons. The results showed that even when module numbers are reduced, it can still produce the same kilowatt per hour. This is greatly beneficial for customers with small roof spaces, but who still want to generate big power.

A Serious Contender.

Canadian Solar’s HiHero 6 will be available through Energy Partners in 2022. We’ll share more updates as they come to hand, but we’re already excited by the potential of doing even more for our clients with these high performance solar panels.

Of note, the HiHero 6 panels also offer premium features such as a sleek black frame, salt mist protection, and an extra raising bar to provide maximum mechanical strength and performance. It should seriously be considered by anyone looking to get a new solar energy system or expand their existing system. Get in touch with us on 1300 76 89 77 to talk about how you can get the HiHero 6 solar panels on your roof!

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