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Running a business involves a lot of careful decisions about where to spend money for productivity and growth. Sometimes you choose quick wins, other times, you make investments that will pay off in the future. What if you could do something for your business that will not only give you immediate benefits, but significant long-term savings? At Energy Partners, we help Brisbane businesses every day make the switch to commercial solar energy, and we save them thousands on their energy bill.

We saved Marsh Alliance $32,450 per year.

We saved the Wesley Medical Centre $39,383 per year.

And we saved Samin Sheet Metal $51,690 per year.

These are not isolated examples; you can read the details and testimonials from our many happy clients here.

We want to tell you exactly how we help our commercial clients meet and exceed their energy goals, and how we can do the same thing for you.

Commercial solar built for business | Energy Systems

Business owners are realising the energy landscape is changing. They’re also realising the need for reliable, efficient and affordable source of renewable energy is required.

Our energy supply resources are shifting. Over the next 20 years, up to 50 Giga watts of new large-scale variable renewable energy will join the market. This is due to 16 giga watt of goal fire generation that will be decommissioned.

The introduction of more solar and batteries will create more incentives to encourage business owners to manage their energy consumption. They will need to consider the area of energy systems in particular that help support the grid in times of high demand.

The latest SolarEdge technology

At Energy Partners we are helping business owners in designing their unique energy requirements for the future.

We use smart SolarEdge technology to create seamless commercial solar energy solutions for our commercial clients, providing solar savings and clean energy 24/7.

As the first rays of sunshine hit your solar panels, your system is preparing for the day ahead, charging your batteries, while any extra energy is used to power your workplace.

Responsive system monitoring means that your solar energy system adjusts for maximum efficiency. For example, your SolarEdge server can notify your system of an upcoming grid event, so your workplace will automatically lower energy demand from the grid. After the grid event, your batteries can start to charge, ready for any future site-level or grid-based events.

Your clever solar panels can also adjust to changing weather. Suppose a sunny day turns cloudy, and some of your panels are now in shade. Because your panels have individual power optimisers, the shaded panels do not affect any of the other panels, and your system continues to generate the maximum possible energy.

You can also predefine your business’s demand threshold, so during peak demand times, the system automatically discharges energy from your batteries, ensuring you don’t exceed your threshold.

Looking towards the future, your employees will likely be using electric vehicles (EVs). Your solar energy system can cater to this. It can monitor and dynamically adjust the amount of energy going to your charging stations, while staying within your predefined energy priorities.

Your SolarEdge commercial solar system is even working for you after business hours. At night, the system uses low-priced energy from the grid to charge your batteries for the next morning.

Every element works together to deliver optimal power efficiency, ensuring superior performance for our commercial clients.

Commercial solar for savvy Brisbane businesses

Want to know more? We can give you a personalised assessment of your workplace to see how much an Energy Partners system could save you. Get in touch on 1300 768 977 and eclipse your energy goals for your business.


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