SolarEdge are known for providing their residential and commercial consumers with smart energy solutions with optimum performance, superior quality, and easy installation. Their new generation of Smart Energy products includes Load Switching Devices. These are designed to automatically use the solar system’s excess power to increase solar energy usage. These products help homeowners to offset electricity bills, increase energy independence, and provide greater convenience.

Make the most of your solar energy system.

Load Switching Devices aims to maximise self-consumption by controlling device usage. It switches devices on and off and measures the energy used. It has two components— the Smart Energy Switch with meter and the smart energy relay which are controlled by the SolarEdge inverter, and it can also be used to schedule via the mySolarEdge app. The Load Switching Devices also have a function to switch on specific devices as a priority when excess solar power is available before exporting to the grid.

mySolarEdge App
SolarEdge Smart Energy Switch

SolarEdge Smart Energy Switch.

The SolarEdge Smart Energy Switch with the meter is a wireless AC switch for controlling electrical devices remotely. It has a built-in energy and power consumption meter and provides power measurements of up 3kW. The SolarEdge Smart Energy Relay is a wireless dry contact switch suitable for heat pump control. It also supports a wide input voltage range.

Example of device operation with SolarEdge Smart Save and Schedule modes.

SolarEdge Load Switching Devices.

By using the Load Switching Devices, you will be able to schedule and run a device for a predetermined amount of time per day. It can also be predominantly used for certain pool pumps and air conditioners. Imagine arriving home after a hot day with the temperature already cool, welcoming you back, especially when you know you are having a great solar production day! Now, you can have the convenience of setting schedules, running devices and equipment you choose from the palm of your hand. Gain the benefits of a tailored SolarEdge solution for your home with smart automation applications to maximise your savings potential.

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