In most homes, a huge amount of energy is used to heat water. Even in warm areas like Brisbane, bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens rely on hot water coming straight out of the tap. Heating water could also be more than financially costly if it is done with energy generated by fossil fuels. A multi-beneficial solution is to choose a solar water heating system. In addition, if you select a SolarEdge Smart Energy Controller, you get a range of additional features and oversight of your energy use – and extra savings!

SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water

Intelligent hot water.

The SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water is designed to automatically divert solar energy to power your home water heating systems. Its simple wall mount installation has an IP65 protection rating, which gives you enhanced safety from electrocution incidents and peace-of-mind. SolarEdge solar water heating systems also have low maintenance costs and are space-saving as they are part of your solar energy system on the roof.

The SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water ensures you have a clean, renewable electricity source for heating water. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to store thermal energy compared to Li-ion batteries. Once installed, the hot water device seamlessly integrates with the SolarEdge monitoring platform, letting you control water heating from the palm of your hands. You can set schedules that suit your lifestyle throughout the year.


Abundant hot water for less.

By using SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water, you will be able to drive up your solar consumption and increase your energy savings by 20-40%. SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water can power resistive loads of up to 4.8kW and deliver high efficiency of more than 98%. It also has a built-in water tank power consumption meter, so you have full oversight at all times.


Full SolarEdge efficiency.

The SolarEdge Smart Energy Hot Water can maximise self-consumption by storing excess solar energy as hot water. When your solar panels are producing excess power in diverts the power directly to power the hot water element and does this dynamically when you enable smart save. This is where 100 watts to 4,800 watts can be supplied. It serves your hot water needs with seamless integration and wireless communication with all SolarEdge inverters, making installation simple.

Make the switch to reliable, renewable solar hot water. Get in touch with Energy Partners to discuss the Smart Energy Hot Water system and the rest of the SolarEdge range.

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